PAC: Final Recommendations and Report

PAC Final Recommendations and Report
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This page is maintained by staff following the conclusion of the PAC on August 31 and its presentation to City Council on September 21.

Community members and media seeking more information can read the summary of recommendations, or see answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

City Code Recommendations

PAC Final City Code Recommendations

The final recommendations of the Police Accountability Commission, to the City Council, for City Code were approved, unanimously, by the Police Accountability Commission on August 31, 2023. These include recommendations to create a new Chapter 35 of City Code, as well as a proposed change to City Code 3.20.050. 

PAC Final Report

PAC Final Report

The Police Accountability Commission approved its final report, including the Transition Plan and several other required tasks, unanimously on August 31, 2023. This link includes the full report and all appendices (Please note that Appendix A (Annotated Code Recommendations), which was previously in a separate file, is now incorporated into this document).