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PAC: Key Documents

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A list of key documents for the Police Accountability Commission and its work. This list is being updated regularly.
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Documents Creating the Commission

Ballot Measure 26-217, including proposed text changes to the City Charter and the ballot question for voters to consider, were referred to the November 2020 ballot by the City Council on July 29, 2020 through Resolution 37499. The Ballot Measure authorizes a new, independent community police oversight board. Ballot Measure 26-217 was approved by City of Portland voters on November 3, 2020, by a 82%-18% margin.

Resolution 37527, adopted by the City Council on December 16, 2020, created the Police Accountability Commission selection process for membership.

City Council Resolution 37548 (07-28-2021)

Resolution 37548, adopted by the City Council on July 28, 2021, officially established the Police Accountability Commission and tasked it with "writing out procedures, powers, definitions, and other details" for the new investigatory and disciplinary framework. Exhibits to this Resolution included the mandated duties of the commission, as well as optional duties the commission could also choose to take upon themselves.

City Council Resolution 37548 Exhibit A (07-28-2021)

Exhibit A to Resolution 37548 is the primary Scope of Work for the Police Accountability Commission.

Commission Quarterly Reports

Police Accountability Commission Quarterly Report, December 2021-March 2022 (2022 Q1)

The PAC's first Quarterly Report was accepted by City Council via a report on August 3, 2022.

Police Accountability Commission Quarterly Report, April 2022-June 2022 (2022 Q2)

City Council accepted the PAC's 2022 Q2 Quarterly Report in a report on September 21, 2022.

Police Accountability Commission Quarterly Report, July 2022-September 2022 (2022 Q3)

The PAC will present the PAC's 2022 Q3 Quarterly Report in January 2023.

Related Documents

City Council Ordinance 190694

Ordinance 190694 approved amendments to the settlement agreement between the City of Portland and the US Department of Justice.

Exhibit 1 to Ordinance 190694 is the text of the amendments to the settlement agreement.