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Why Get Involved?

The Police Accountability Commission is a group of twenty community members working to create an accountability system and oversight board for the Portland Police Bureau. The PAC's success will come from being a community-driven process in which members of the public make their voices heard.

The commission needs you to share your insights on what is and isn't working in police accountability in Portland today, your experiences with policing, overpolicing, and police misconduct, and your thoughts on what should come next.

How To Get Involved

Sign Up For Email Alerts

The Police Accountability Commission sends email alerts out 2-4 times a month. To receive email updates, please sign up for the PAC Email List.

Watch A Meeting

The full list of upcoming Police Accountability Commission Meetings is at our Events page. Each meeting has its own page, with the link to join on Zoom. This is all you need to watch a meeting!

Public Comment At Meetings

If you'd like to give input at a meeting, most PAC meetings have an opportunity to give verbal public comment on the meeting's agenda items. Meetings containing a substantive decision such as approving a document will also have an opportunity for public comment specific to that decision immediately before the decision is made by the group. You don't need to sign up ahead of time to give verbal public comment - just raise your hand in Zoom when the public comment period starts.

Advance Public Comment

The Police Accountability Commission encourages members of the public to submit public comment through our online public comment form, through voicemail, or through postal mail.

All public comment is circulated in advance of the meeting to the PAC's members so they have time to read it, and it is included in the public record of the meetings.