How to Apply for SDC Exemption

Instructions for developers and builders to apply for SDC Exemptions during the building approval process. List of required documents and application fees.
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How to Apply

To apply for the SDC Exemption Program, developers must submit an application and supporting documentation to the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB). Developers must apply for the program after they submit their building permit application to the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), Permit Center, but before they pay for their building permits and pull the permit to start construction. 

For buildings subject to, or opting into Inclusionary Housing, a PHB Housing Program Specialist will be assigned to review the permit application and will request the application during that process.

List of required documents to be considered for the program:

  • A fully completed SDC Exemption Application for each permit. If each unit is under a separate permit, then a separate application is required for each permit number.

    Select the project type to view application form

    Home Ownership    Rentals

    For buildings subject to, or opting into Inclusionary Housing, there is a shortened application form:
  • Required exhibits:
    • Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, By-Laws, and/or Statements of Action;
    • Corporate Resolution (as applicable, grants signature authority on behalf of an entity);
    • Proof of site control (such as Warranty Deed);
    • Tax/Plat map indicating lots to be developed and proof of lot segregation as necessary;
    • Legal Description;
    • Schematic drawings or like photos of new units to be built (plan set submitted to BDS with permit application will be used for Co-Commercial type building permits); and
    • Seller or listing agent contact information (Home Ownership units only)

Application Fee

The application fee is dependent on whether the exempted unit(s) will be sold to homebuyers or rented. For each application, a check paid to the order of the Portland Housing Bureau is due as follows:

Home Ownership Projects

(see Home Ownership Program Requirements)

Home Ownership$1,200 per unit

Rental Projects

(see Rental Program Requirements)

With Inclusionary Housing (IH) Submission$1,000 per unit
Non-IH: 5+ units$2,400 per unit
Non-IH: 1 to 4 units$725 per unit

Application Processing

  • Home Ownership SDC Exemption Applications are reviewed by a program administrator who will notify the project contact of any necessary additional information. More details
  • Rental SDC Exemption Applications are reviewed during the building permit review process and are subject to plan review procedures set by BDS. Please allow for more time for processing a rental exemption application. More details

Program Approval

Once approved, PHB will:

  • Contact the applicant to coordinate signing the Regulatory Agreement which is recorded with Multnomah County.
    (View sample Regulatory Agreements: Homeownership or Rental)
  • Issue an SDC Exemption Approval Letter and upload it in to AMANDA (the City’s permitting database)
  • Send a confirmation to the Builder and the four SDC Bureaus requesting removal of the SDC fees.

Applicant – before paying the permit fees

The applicant should confirm the exemptions have been applied and the fees removed. For any questions, check with the four SDC Bureaus (Environmental Services, Parks, Transportation, and Water).

Once paid, system development charges are non-refundable.