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Risk Analysis and Compliance

PHB's Risk Analysis and Compliance (RAC) team monitors the compliance, reporting, and financial performance of housing funded and regulated by the City of Portland. Find WCMS help here, plus program compliance information and resources. Join the email list to stay informed on all important updates.

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Important Notices

Eviction Prevention for At-Risk Tenants: A Message to HUD Program Grantees

CDBG Program Eviction Moratorium Q&A's (HUD)

HOPWA Guidance for COVID-19 (on HUD Exchange) 

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Income, Rent, and Utility Limits

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Compliance Requirements by Program

New Projects

Development Incentives

SDC, MULTE, and Inclusionary Housing

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Federally funded projects

HOME Program

Federally funded projects

*Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) is managed by the state of Oregon. Please refer to the OHCS website for LIHTC compliance documents.

Property Management

PHB must be notified prior to any change in property management company prior to the change taking place. Please use the forms in this section to ensure your property management agreement remains compliant with PHB and/or HOME program requirements.

About RAC

The goals of the system are to ensure that financed projects perform as projected, benefit intended populations, and achieve long-term sustainability.

Program areas monitored by RAC include:

  • Multi-family housing rental units
  • Federally funded projects like HOME and CDBG
  • Inclusionary Housing (IH) units
  • System Development Charges (SDC)
  • Limited Tax Exemptions (LTE) and Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemptions (MULTE)


PHB - Risk Analysis and Compliance

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