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Renters in Portland who are served a no-cause eviction or encounter any of the triggering events may have the right to be paid relocation assistance from their landlord. Landlords must notify RSO of the payment. For eligible exemptions, see the Administrative Rules.
The Rental Services Office operates a helpline and provides technical assistance and information specific to Mandatory Renter Relocation Assistance. The office is a resource for both landlords and renters.
Permanent administrative rules, code, and ordinances
Under specific situations outlined in the policy and the Administrative Rules, a rental unit may be eligible for an exemption from mandatory renter relocation assistance. Carefully review the exemption criteria and administrative rules before applying.
Information about available resources for tenants facing eviction.
Free legal support for low-income tenants facing eviction. The rental unit must be within Multnomah County.
Information on mortgage relief for federal and private mortgage holders. Many links are provided to help you find the right resources. This is a good place to start.
Many banks are taking steps to accommodate affected customers through hardship programs, small business support, extended banker availability hours and other measures to address individual circumstances. View Frequently Asked Questions on this page.
Free mediation services to landlords and tenants with rental housing disputes.
Information on landlord-tenant policy changes for Oregon, Multnomah County, and City of Portland.
Moratorium on residential evictions in Multnomah County and City of Portland on the basis of nonpayment of rent or terminations without tenant cause in addition to the statewide eviction moratorium. View Frequently Asked Questions on this page.
Relocation assistance is paid to the tenant and triggered by the specific events listed in the Administrative Rules. The landlord must notify PHB within 30 days by submitting a Notice of Relocation Payment form.
Many COVID-related protections have expired. This FAQ provides historical reference of COVID-19 policy responses.

Oregon Rent Stabilization

State of Oregon Resource
On September 30 of every year, the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis (OEA) will publish the maximum annual rent increase percentage for the following calendar year. In July of 2023, the State Legislature passed an exception to this rule, effective immediately. Find more information here.

Past Protections

The Rental Services Office partners with community organizations and housing educators to offer free educational classes covering a variety of landlord-tenant law topics.
Have questions about rentership policy and regulations in Portland, such as Mandatory Relocation Assistance? Contact the RSO Helpdesk. We provide general information on tenant-landlord law, renter protections, referrals to community agencies, and resources for legal help and other direct services.
Annual registration of residential rental units is required in the City of Portland. For filing and payment requirements, see link to the Revenue Division's website for all information. Regarding exemptions for units regulated at or below 60% AMI, contact the Rental Services Office.
A list of local and statewide resources for landlords and tenants. Find tools, links, and agencies you can contact for help.

Security Deposits

Permanent administrative rules, code, and ordinances
Join the email list for the Rental Services Office and Rental Service Commission.
Find translations of RSO materials, including brochures and webpages, in multiple languages.