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Apply for Relocation Assistance Exemption

Under specific situations outlined in the policy and the Administrative Rules, a rental unit may be eligible for an exemption from mandatory renter relocation assistance. Carefully review the exemption criteria and administrative rules before applying.

Exemption applications take around 2 to 3 weeks to process.

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In response to COVID-19, there are eviction moratoriums that may prohibit a landlord from issuing terminations without a tenant-based cause. See more information about COVID-19 landlord-tenant policy responses.

How to Apply

1. Review information to determine if eligible

Owners and property managers will need to know which exemption they are applying for and the rules that apply. Thoroughly review the following materials:

Only the situations listed in the Administrative Rules may be eligible. 

IMPORTANT: Most exemptions require a landlord to file with PHB and receive an Acknowledgement Letter from this office (in most cases, before entering into a rental agreement). Only in a few, very specific situations can the landlord claim exemption without submitting the form or receiving an Acknowledgement Letter.

2. If eligible, complete the REA form specific to that exemption

Online submission is highly recommended. Paper forms are available to download. Many exemptions require documentation, which is described in the application.

3. Wait to receive an Acknowledgement Letter

The letter will be sent to the contact provided, by email if an email address is provided, otherwise by mail to the mailing address. For most exemptions, the applicant will need to receive the letter before entering into a rental agreement

4. Deliver copy of Acknowledgement Letter to the Tenant

The landlord must provide a copy of the Acknowledgement Letter to the tenant before giving any notice which triggers relocation assistance or they will not be able to claim the exemption and must pay relocation assistance to that tenant, as required by the ordinance. For certain exemptions, the letter must be received and provided to the tenant before entering into the rental agreement.

General Instructions

Before starting, please read the following important instructions to help you complete the form correctly and avoid delays for your application.

  • Please complete all sections of the form. We cannot process illegible or incomplete REA forms.

  • Who completes the form: This form is designed to be completed and signed by the Legal Owner(s) of the Dwelling Unit where Exemption from the obligation to pay city Relocation Assistance is claimed. If someone other than the Owner/Landlord is completing this form on behalf of the Owner/Landlord, documentation that conclusively demonstrates that the person completing the REA Form is authorized by the Owner/Landlord of the Dwelling Unit to certify facts and make legally binding statements on behalf of the Owner/Landlord must accompany this form.

  • Compliance stipulations: The Administrative Rules referenced in each REA form identify stipulations with which a Landlord must comply in order to claim the exemption. If a Landlord fails to fully comply with each and all applicable stipulations, the Landlord’s claim of exemption is invalid.

  • Supporting documentation: Supporting documentation is required for most exemptions. If supporting documentation is required, please review the Documentation Guidance and submit documentation that complies with the guidance, along with your signed and dated REA form. REA forms that do not include documentation, where documentation is required, are incomplete and cannot be processed.

  • Contact the RSO for help: If you need assistance completing the REA form, staff are available during the helpdesk hours, except on holidays, to provide technical assistance. Please be advised that the materials and information available through the Rental Services Office are for information purposes only. Our staff cannot provide legal advice.

Relocation Exemption Application Forms

Refer to the Administrative Rules for the official descriptions of each of the eligible exemptions. There are currently twelve (12). Be sure to read the general instructions above before starting your application.

How to submit an application

  • Submit online (most recommended)
  • Mail, fax, or email the paper form to the Rental Services Office
  • In-person drop off is unavailable at this time

Which exemptions do not require a Relocation Exemption Application (REA) Form?

Exemptions 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10 do not require filing a form, but may have additional stipulations that the Landlord must know.

Select your eligible exemption to start an application

List of Eligible ExemptionsREA Form

Exemption 1 
Week-to-week tenancies

No REA required, see:
Tenant Disclosure

Exemption 2 
Landlords that share the same Dwelling Unit as their Tenant(s)

No REA required, see:
Tenant Disclosure

Exemption 3: Duplex 
Landlords that occupy a Duplex as their Principal Residence and rent the second unit

Apply for Exemption 3

Exemption 4: ADUs 
Landlords that rent a Dwelling Unit on a property with an ADU and live on site

Apply for Exemption 4

Exemption 5: Landlord Absence 
Landlords that temporarily rent out their Principal Residence for not more than 3 years

Apply for Exemption 5

Exemption 6: Military Service 
Landlords that temporarily rent out their Principal Residence due to active military service

Apply for Exemption 6

Exemption 7: Immediate Family Member 
Landlord is terminating a rental agreement for an Immediate Family Member to occupy the unit

Apply for Exemption 7

Exemption 8 
Dwelling Unit is a regulated affordable unit and issuing a rent increase

No REA required, see:
Tenant Disclosure

Exemption 9 
Dwelling Unit acquired for public use through eminent domain law

No REA required, see:
Tenant Disclosure

Exemption 10 
Dwelling Unit rendered immediately uninhabitable

No REA required, see:
Tenant Disclosure

Exemption 11: Demolition 
Dwelling Unit rented for less than 6 months with demolition permit in place

Apply for Exemption 11

Exemption 12: Sale or Permanent Conversion 
Fixed term tenancy where Tenant was notified of intent to sell or permanently convert the unit

Apply for Exemption 12


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