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Regional chlorine shortage: Portland water remains safe to drink

A regional chlorine shortage has disrupted supplies. The Portland Water Bureau is monitoring the situation and evaluating our supplies and procedures. Get updates.

Rental Housing Application and Screening: New 2021 Income Requirement Table

News Article
Updated table for determining minimum income requirements for rental housing applicants under PCC 30.01.086.

The Rental Services Office has published a new Rental Housing Application and Screening Minimum Income Requirement Table for 2021. The new table is effective 05/01/2021. The 2020 table will remain published for reference and any immediate needs for the remainder of the week.

Housing providers with vacancies should reference this table to determine minimum income requirements for applicants, in accordance with PCC 30.01.086. The figures provided in the table are based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 2021 limits. Learn more about Application & Screening on our website or by contacting our RSO Helpdesk.