Verify eligible properties on Portland Maps


The Mandatory Relocation Assistance policy applies only to those properties located within Portland city limits.

Look up the property address

screenshot of Portland Maps

Not all properties that list Portland as their mailing address are located within city limits. Portland Maps is the official city site used to determine eligible properties for this policy.

To verify a property, first click on the link to Portland Maps and enter the property address, then enter your address in the search box.

Go to Portland Maps

Verify your jurisdiction 

Example of where to find jurisdiction on Portland Maps

Under the property information, look for "Jurisdiction." If it states "Portland," it is an eligible property. (Also refer to the administrative rules on exemptions.)

Properties outside of the City

Portland Maps (property outside Portland)

Properties outside the City of Portland boundaries will have a orange box stating they do not reside in Portland and a link to the corresponding jurisdiction.