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Web Compliance Management System

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Compliance data is reported to PHB through WCMS.

WCMS User Guide (step-by-step instructions and screenshots)
Contact PHB for technical assistance. Scroll down for contact info.

New User Registration

If you are a new user, follow these two steps to get started.

  1. Register online, then
  2. Email Valerie.Lee@portlandoregon.gov to complete the registration process

For step-by-step instructions with helpful screenshots, check out the WCMS User Guide.


For WCMS assistance and technical support, please contact:

Valerie Lee

Contact the RAC Team

For questions about compliance requirements and other compliance-related issues, please contact a Risk Analysis and Compliance staff for assistance.

About RAC

The goals of the system are to ensure that financed projects perform as projected, benefit intended populations, and achieve long-term sustainability.

Program areas monitored by RAC include:

  • Multi-family housing rental units
  • Federally funded projects like HOME and CDBG
  • Inclusionary Housing (IH) units
  • System Development Charges (SDC)
  • Limited Tax Exemptions (LTE) and Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemptions (MULTE)