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Compliance data is reported to PHB through WCMS.

WCMS User Guide (step-by-step instructions and screenshots)
Contact PHB for technical assistance. Scroll down for contact info.

New User Registration

If you are a new user, follow these two steps to get started.

  1. Register online, then
  2. Email Valerie.Lee@portlandoregon.gov to complete the registration process

For step-by-step instructions with helpful screenshots, check out the WCMS User Guide.


For WCMS assistance and technical support, please contact:

Valerie Lee

Contact the RAC Team

For questions about compliance requirements and other compliance-related issues, please contact a Risk Analysis and Compliance staff for assistance.

About RAC

The goals of the system are to ensure that financed projects perform as projected, benefit intended populations, and achieve long-term sustainability.

Program areas monitored by RAC include:

  • Multi-family housing rental units
  • Federally funded projects like HOME and CDBG
  • Inclusionary Housing (IH) units
  • System Development Charges (SDC)
  • Limited Tax Exemptions (LTE) and Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemptions (MULTE)


PHB - Risk Analysis and Compliance

Email us for website questions and general requests

Cheyenne Sheehan

Annual Reporting, Risk Analysis and Compliance

Gena Scott

Annual Reporting, Risk Analysis and Compliance

Shaina Chiasson

Loan pay-off info and quotes, 1099s, insurance certificates

Valerie Lee

WCMS Technical Assistance