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Certified Community Organizations Partnered with PHB

List of Community Based Development Organizations (CBDO) and Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO). See certification requirements.
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Community Based Development Organizations (CBDO)

Download PDF fileCode of Federal Regulations for CBDO's

FY 2024-25

Fiscal Year 23/24 AgenciesEIN
Central City Concern93-0728816
IRCO Works, LLC93-0806295
New Avenues for Youth, Inc.93-0910213
Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. (Effective 9/1/23)31-1655001
Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc.93-1059146
Portland YouthBuilders94-3123483
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc. (Effective 2/1/24)93-0593858
ROSE Community Development94-3144895
SE Works, Inc.31-1575264
The Rosewood Initiative27-3823320
Urban League (Effective 11/1/23)93-0395590

Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)

Detailed list of CHDO requirements. Also see the chart under Certification Requirements for an overview and comparison with Community Based Development Organizations.

FY 2024-25

Fiscal Year 23/24 AgenciesEIN
Community Partners for Affordable Housing93-1155559
Our Just Future (formerly Human Solutions)93-0977166
Northwest Housing Alternatives93-0814473
REACH Community Development93-0813981
ROSE Community Development94-3144895

Certification Requirements

Information needed to certify as a Community Based Development Organization (CBDO) or Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO):

Requirement ItemCBDO RequirementCHDO Requirement
Legal StatusOrganized under law to carry out community development activities, and be a non-profit or for-profit with only incidental monetary benefits to membersOrganized under state and local law no part of earnings may benefit members, founders, contributors or other individuals must be 501(3)(4) or 905 (subordinate organization of a 501(c))
Service AreaOperate primarily within an identified neighborhood within jurisdiction (cannot be multi-county)Clearly defined service area (can extend to a metro area)
PurposeImprove the physical, economic or social environment of area of operation and focus on needs of low/moderate income peopleProvide affordable decent housing to low/mod persons
Capacity & ExperienceN/AMinimum 1 year experience serving the community where project will be carried out demonstrate capacity of key staff to carry out project.
Board Composition:
  • 80% median requirement
  • Public employee requirement
  • 51% are: Low/mod persons within area of operation, owners or senior officers of private establishments and institutions located in and serving area of operation, or representatives of low-mod neighborhood organizations within area of operation.
  • No more than 1/3 of board can be appointed by or consist of: elected officials or public officials or employees of jurisdiction or partner jurisdictions.
  • 1/3 must represent low income communities: residents of low income communities [if living in low income neighborhood, don’t need to document income], and/or elected representatives of low income neighborhood organizations.
    [if sponsored by a for-profit entity also maximum limits on representation by the for-profit]
  • No more than 1/3 may be or be appointed by public officials or employees of jurisdiction or partners.
Board SelectionMembers of board are nominated and approved by general membership or by governing bodyBoard members who are appointed by public officials cannot select other members of the board
Reversion of AssetsNot subject to reversion of assets to jurisdiction, except federal funds under control of agencyN/A
VendorsFree to contract for goods and services from vendors of own choosingN/A
Low Income InputN/AFormal process to obtain input from low income persons (e.g. Tenant Participation Plan)