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PHB's public meetings are hosted on Zoom. Here are some tips to help you get connected.
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Getting Started

Before the meeting, it's a good idea to give yourself a few minutes to prepare your device and check sound settings.

If you haven't already, download and install the online meeting software. For PHB public meetings, that will be Zoom. If you are joining by a mobile device, there is a Zoom mobile app. It is also possible to call into a meeting for audio only, which does not require downloading the app.

Not sure which one to download? Look for the first one in the list, Zoom Client for Meetings. This is the most common one, appropriate for desktop computers and tablets, as well as different operating systems.

Download latest version of Zoom    View Events at PHB

3 Steps to Attend a Meeting

Example screenshot of inside a meeting event
The registration link is located inside the event details.
  1. Register for the meeting. All participants will need to register to be able to attend.
  2. Receive the confirmation email. ​​​​Inside will be a link to join and phone numbers for calling in, including toll-free numbers. Please note, your meeting link is unique to you and should not be shared.
  3. To join the meeting, click the meeting link in your confirmation email. The link may be labeled, "Click Here to Join." If there is a pop-up asking to open Zoom, allow it to launch Zoom.

What devices can I use to connect?

  • Computer or tablet
  • Mobile app
  • Call in by phone (audio only)

Can I try out Zoom outside of a real meeting?

Yes! Test out the controls in a stress-free setting by joining a private test meeting just for you. This is great way to check your microphone and webcam settings. Zoom will lead you through a sound check to help you make sure your volume is just right.

Join a test meeting

How does it work?

How do I connect by phone?

Zoom - How to switch to phone audio
Zoom - Join by phone
How to find call-in info and your Participant ID in the meeting. Click arrow (^) next to mic icon, "Switch to Phone Audio," and go to the "Phone Call" tab.

Refer to your confirmation email for phone numbers.

You can also switch to phone audio from inside the meeting. Click the up arrow next to the mute button and select "Switch to Phone Audio." A window will pop-up with all the information you need to call in.

  1. Dial the call in number or toll-free number
  2. Enter Meeting ID, then press #
  3. Enter your Participant ID, then press #
    (See screenshots for how to find it in the meeting.)
    (If you do not know your Participant ID, press # to skip.)
  4. Enter the Passcode, then press # to join the meeting.

Phone controls:

The following commands can be entered using your phone dial pad while in a Zoom meeting:

  • *6 - Mute/unmute or use your phone's mute button
  • *9 - Raise hand

More about joining by phone

Help, I can't find my confirmation email

Not a problem. To receive your confirmation email again (with your unique link):

  1. Go to the registration page.
  2. Re-register with the same email you used before.

For some meetings, if registering 5 minutes before the start time or if the meeting is already in progress, you may see a link that allows you to join the meeting directly. If not, refer to the confirmation email that was just sent to the email you provided. 

For Further Help

  • Accommodations and meeting questions: Reach out to the meeting lead if you need accommodations or have specific questions related to the meeting.
  • See one of these troubleshooting guides from Zoom:
  • Slow internet connection: Try turning off your video feed. If the sound quality is poor though the computer or you do not have a microphone, calling in by phone for audio is a good option.
  • Your Zoom view may look slightly different depending on the software version, your operating system (Windows, iOS, etc.), or the device (desktop vs mobile device).
  • Zoom meetings with registration do not support joining from a browser. Be sure you have Zoom downloaded and installed on your device. See "Getting Started" for the link. Smaller meetings that do not require registration may allow joining from a browser. This means you can join without downloading Zoom to your device. However, we generally find the connection is most stable through the desktop client and mobile app.


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