How to Use the Preference Policy Map

screenshot of preference policy map of N/NE Portland
Applicants can receive up to six preference points based on their current or past residence (including that of a parent/guardian or ancestor). See how to search an address using the map located in the application.

Everyone who applies will be sorted on a waitlist for the housing opportunities. Top priority is given to households who owned property in North/Northeast Portland that was taken via eminent domain by City government, and to their descendants.

All other applicants can receive up to six preference points based on their current or past residence (plus that of a parent/guardian or ancestor) within areas of concentrated urban renewal in N/NE Portland. Households are selected for housing from the top of the waitlist in order of preference.

Preference is...

  • based on the amount of urban renewal activity that occurred where you or your parent/guardian or ancestor lived (or currently live) in N/NE Portland;
  • given to applicants who were displaced, are at risk of displacement, or who are the descendants of families that have been displaced due to urban renewal in N/NE Portland; and
  • given regardless of whether you currently reside in N/NE Portland.

How many preference points do I qualify for?

Use the online map in the application portal to search addresses to see how many preference points the addresses qualify for. The color-coded zones correspond to different preference point values based on the level of urban renewal activity in that area.

How to use the maps in the application

Preference Policy application portal 
(Works best in Chrome)

  1. Select an application: Rental or Homeownership.
    The map is on the application page.
  2. Type an address or click a point on the map that matches the property address.
  3. The colored zone the address is in will determine how many preference points it qualifies for. The online application will automatically display the number of points per map and total them for you.
boxes of each of the colors on the map: Yellow (1 point), light green (2 points), and dark green (3 points)

  Yellow zone: 1 point

  Light Green zone: 2 points

  Dark Green zone: 3 points

You can receive up to a maximum of 6 points:

  • Up to 3 points for your own address (current or former), and
  • Up to 3 more for a parent/guardian or ancestor's address

💡  Tip: If you have more than one eligible address, look up each address and find which one qualifies for the maximum point value. One address can be counted twice if it applies to both the applicant and the applicant's parent/guardian or ancestor.