Tenants now have 60 Day Safe Harbor from Eviction For Nonpayment while applying for Rent Assistance

News Article
Newly passed Oregon Senate Bill 278 provides additional protections for tenants while applying for rent assistance and increases funding for landlords owed past-due rent.

On June 25, 2021, Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 278 (SB 278) which provides relief to both landlords and tenants still dealing with the financial impact of COVID-19. SB 278 prevents a landlord from serving a termination for nonpayment of rent or engaging in an eviction court case for nonpayment of rent for 60 days after a tenant provides written documentation that they have applied for emergency rent assistance. This law also requires a landlord to attach a notice of the right to avoid termination and eviction for nonpayment of rent if documentation of the application for rent assistance by the tenant is provided to the landlord. These protections are in place until February 28, 2022.

SB 278 also changes the pay-out from the Landlord Compensation Fund from 80% to 100% of the past-due rent of qualified tenants. Landlords who have previously received compensation fund pay-outs at 80% will receive the outstanding 20% from the State as a result of this law. The State will automatically make these payments and no action is needed by landlords. This law also creates a new source of compensation for landlords who have delayed enforcement action for nonpayment due to SB 278 and whose tenants have been unable to receive rent assistance.

For more information on COVID related eviction protections and SB 278 please view our FAQ on the Oregon Eviction Moratorium.

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