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Metro Housing Bond

In 2018, voters approved a $652.8 million affordable housing bond measure to create permanently affordable homes across Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties. Metro is working with local partners and communities to bring affordable homes to 12,000 people: seniors, families and veterans.

Metro Bond Opportunity Solicitation

A solicitation for Metro Bond funds, Central Eastside Tax Increment Financing, and Joint Office of Homeless Services operational funding is anticipated for release in late April, early May 2021.

PHB will announce a mandatory “Equity in Contracting” event date soon which will be a requirement to attend for any team to submit an application for funding.

For more background on PHB’s competitive solicitation process, we encourage you to look at the most recent solicitation for Portland’s Housing Bond. Details from this 2019 solicitation can be found here, where you can see the awarded projects, as well as the requirements for that solicitation. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with Portland’s Local Implementation Strategy, which outlines Portland’s production targets, priority communities, racial equity goals and selection process.

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Portland's Local Implementation Strategy

The Portland Housing Bureau is the partner jurisdiction supporting Metro Housing Bond implementation for the City of Portland. Portland’s Local Implementation Strategy was informed by the feedback and perspectives of underrepresented communities, particularly Communities of Color, seniors, immigrants, refugees and persons living with disabilities. Engagement efforts occurred over a four-month period (March to July 2019) and reached more than 250 individuals and community member groups.

Total Project Funds Allocated to Portland: $211 Million

Total Production Goal: 1,475 units

  • 30% AMI:  605 units
  • Family-sized:  737 units
  • Supportive Housing: 300 units

PHB’s work will be guided by the following Metro Housing Bond principles:

  1. Lead with racial equity. Ensure that racial equity considerations guide and are integrated throughout all aspects of program implementation.
  2. Create opportunity for those in need. Create housing for Communities of Color, families, people living with disabilities, seniors, Veterans, and households experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
  3. Create opportunity throughout the region. Ensure investments are distributed across the region.
  4. Ensure long-term benefits and good use of public dollars. Provide for community oversight to ensure transparency.
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Progress on Implementation

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