PHB Loan Servicing


The Portland Housing Bureau maintains and services the Bureau's loan portfolio associated with affordable rental and home ownership housing financed with public dollars under various local, regional and federal programs.

Single Family Loans for Existing Borrowers

For requests concerning loan pay-off information and quotes, 1099 forms, and insurance certificates, contact Rachelle Russell.

*For financing questions related to multi-family and NOFA-funded projects, see PHB Solicitations.

Meet with a PHB Loan Servicing Specialist

Want to drop off a form in person? No appointment needed. Simply drop off in the grey mail bin in the building lobby on the first floor. If you have questions, please send us an email.

Meet virtually or through a phone appointment
To schedule, contact us by email or phone.

In-person appointments for this program are available on Wednesdays only.
PHB is operating in hybrid. Staff are only in the building on certain days of the week.

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1900 SW 4th Ave, 7th floor

Book now: In-person appointment (Wednesdays only)

Annual Reporting to PHB

Annual reporting, with the submission of all financial documents, is accomplished via WCMS and the Annual Compliance Testing (ACT) worksheet.

Please see Reporting Tools for more information on completion requirements for annual reporting.

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Forms & Reporting Tools    WCMS


Rachelle Russell

Loan pay-off info and quotes, 1099s, insurance certificates