HOME Program Compliance Requirements

The HOME Program monitors compliance related to HOME funding received from the City of Portland, and uses industry-standard forms and guidelines to complete reviews.
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HOME inspections are scheduled directly with individual property management agents and staff based on the Asset Management Guideline frequencies: every three years, every other year or annually depending on the number of total units within the project. Tenant files are also inspected. Upon completion of the inspection, an Inspection Report Summary (IRS) is provided identifying any follow-up or required actions.

Tenant Income Certification (TIC) forms and other forms used in the tenant screening and income certification process are found here; they may be downloaded and saved to your computer. Most forms are formatted as a fill-in form, but you cannot save the data in the form so you must print them for use and record keeping.

For questions regarding PHB properties with HOME funding, please contact the PHB Housing Program Coordinator at 503-823-3359.

HOME Program & COVID-19

 HOME Program COVID-19 Suspensions and Waivers Webinar

HOME Required Forms 

HOME Guides and Resources

Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs (HUD Handbook 4350.3)

HOME Regulations (24 CFR 92)


PHB - Risk Analysis and Compliance

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