Homebuyer Opportunity Limited Tax Exemption (HOLTE) Program

The application for HOLTE is initiated by the home builder prior to obtaining a building permit. Verified homebuyers who meet the income limit requirement and purchase a HOLTE-approved home can receive a 10-year property tax exemption on structural improvements to the home. See program details.
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Under the Homebuyer Opportunity Limited Tax Exemption (HOLTE) Program, single-unit homes receive a ten-year property tax exemption on structural improvements to the home as long as the property and owner remain eligible per program requirements.

Property owners are still responsible for payment of the taxes on the assessed value of the land during the exemption period. The property is reassessed when the exemption is either terminated for noncompliance or expires after the ten years, and owners begin paying full property taxes. The exemption period cannot be extended.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Eligibility

The proposed home will be:

  • New construction located within the City of Portland
  • Single-family home, townhome, or condominium
  • Must have at least three bedrooms
    (Two-bedroom homes may be eligible if located within approved transit-oriented areas. See Two-Bedroom Eligibility Areas.)

Home builders, please see Property Eligibility for additional criteria that apply to this exemption.

Potential homebuyers can view a current list of HOLTE-approved properties under Eligible Properties, lower on this page.

Program Requirements

No more than 500 applications will be approved per fiscal year. Special exceptions are available for affordable housing. More about the annual cap.

Sale price cap: $455,000

Sales Requirement

Builder application fee: $1000

Builder Application & Requirements    Property Eligibility

Homebuyer processing fee: $1000
Who pays this fee?

Homebuyer income limit: 100% MFI - Median family income is set at a family of 4, increasing for households larger than 4.
(Nonprofits, generally 80% MFI)

Homebuyer Verification Process    Income Limits (MFI chart)

Eligible Properties

Properties with approved builder applications for HOLTE, as of July 2023.


Helpful printing tip: If printing to 8.5x11 letter-sized paper, be sure your printout includes all sections of the form. Many of our forms are legal size (8.5x14), which is longer. If part of the form is getting cut off, adjust your print settings to "fit to page."

Please print forms one side per sheet.

How to submit forms

Submitting the forms and supporting documents by email is best.
Alternative methods of mail, fax, and a physical drop box are available, but please note, paper forms may affect how quickly we can receive your application.

In person drop-off: Visit the 7th floor office on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If you have questions, please send us an email.

Drop box: Look for the gray mail bin located in the building lobby, labeled "Portland Housing Bureau."


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