Development Incentives for Affordable Rental Units

Rental Programs – Development incentives for affordable housing units that will be rented to eligible households. Find information and how to apply.
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Note for Inclusionary Housing projects:

Is the project a residential development with 20 or more new units that may be subject to Inclusionary Housing?

If yes, please see incentive programs and forms for Inclusionary Housing.

Deeper Housing Affordability (DHA) Programs

Rental Program

For single-dwelling zones and multi-dwelling zones. The Three-Bedroom Bonus Program is available for multi-dwelling zones. Be sure to note the differences for minimum number of restricted units and household income restriction under each program area.

Affordability Requirements    DHA Administrative Rules    Download form to apply

Program /
Dwelling Type
Single-Dwelling Zones
Single and Multi-Dwelling Zones
Three-Bedroom Bonus Program
Multi-Dwelling Zones
Minimum # of restricted units1 unit50% of units in Building50% of units in Building must be 3‑BR and restricted
Rent & Household Income Restriction60% MFI60% MFI100% MFI
Term Length99 years99 years10 years
Application FeeTBDTBDTBD
IncentiveFAR Bonus under PCC 33.110.210 D.1FAR Bonus under PCC 33.110.265 F. and PCC 33.120.211 C.2FAR Bonus under PCC 33.120.211 C.3
City CodePCC 30.01.140PCC 30.01.140PCC 30.01.160

Affordable Housing Transfer Program

Rental Program

Administrative Rules    Download form to apply

ProgramAffordable Housing Transfer Program
Minimum # of restricted units100% of units in Building
Rent & Household Income Restriction60% MFI
Term Length30 years
Application FeeTBD
IncentiveTransfer FAR to another site under PCC 33.120.210 D.1
City CodePCC 30.01.150

System Development Charge (SDC) Exemption

Rental Program

More program details    Download form to apply

ProgramSDC Exemption
(Not in Old Town/Chinatown or a mass shelter)
Old Town/Chinatown Pilot Program
Minimum # of restricted unitsNo minimumNo minimum
Rent & Household Income Restriction60% MFI100% MFI, then 120% MFI
Term Length60 years10 years, then 5 years
Application Fee$1,000 (with IH Submission),
$2,400 (5+ units-non-IH),
$725 (1-4 units-non-IH)
$1,000 (with IH Submission),
$2,400 (5+ units-non-IH),
$725 (1-4 units-non-IH)
IncentiveExemption of SDC fees for restricted unitsExemption of SDC fees for restricted units
City CodePCC 30.01.095PCC 30.01.095.F.1(c)

Non-Profit Limited Tax Exemption (NPLTE)

Rental Program

The Non-Profit Limited Tax Exemption is intended to benefit low-income renters by alleviating property tax burden on those qualifying non-profit agencies that provide this housing opportunity. The qualifying property must be located within the City of Portland and restrict the rents of the exempted units to be affordable to households earning no more than 60% of the area Median Family Income (MFI).

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