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Other incentive programs for affordable housing development.
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Other programs include development incentives for developments that are providing affordable housing through either non-conventional tenancy forms or are applying for development incentives for processes that precede the building permit application process.

Manufactured Dwelling Park (MDP) Affordable Housing Bonus

MDP Administrative Rules    Download form to apply

ProgramMDP Program
Minimum # of restricted units50% of Pads
Rent & Household Income Restriction60% MFI
Term Length99 years
Application FeeTBD
IncentiveFAR Bonus
City CodePCC 30.01.130

Design Review Certification Process for Affordable Housing

For applicants who trigger a Type III design review and intend to apply for Type II design review through PCC 33.825.025.A Table 825-1[2] as an affordable housing development, a certification that the project meets the program requirements from PHB is required prior to submitting for a design review request. To be eligible for the Certification Program a project must have an eligible award letter or agreement with a government entity which requires at least 50% of the units be restricted at or below 60% MFI for a period of 30 years or more.

Certification Program Administrative Rules    How to apply

ProgramCertification Program
Minimum # of restricted units50% of total units
Household Income Restriction60% MFI
Term Length30 years
Application FeeN/A
IncentiveOption to choose Type II review procedure
City CodePCC 30.01.170PCC 33.825