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Strong Family Site

In Planning
Community Development Partners (CDP) and Self-Enhancement Inc. (SEI) will partner to develop rental units on the Strong property, prioritizing those on the N/NE Preference Policy waitlist. The nearby Abbey Lot will be developed concurrently into eight homeownership units.
Architect's rendering of the Strong Family Property building, a four-story apartment building with a large courtyard.
Winter 2026

Located at the prominent intersection of N. Alberta Street and N. Williams Avenue and purchased by PHB from longtime neighborhood residents the Strong family, this property embodies a visual and historical significance for long-time residents of North and Northeast Portland. Of the 75 total units proposed by CDP and SEI, 11 will be affordable to households earning 30% AMI or below and 54 units will be family-sized, with 2 or more bedrooms. The project will include a large outdoor courtyard, private playground area, laundry, and an indoor community room, all to foster community among the residents. These amenities are intended to provide indoor and outdoor spaces outside of one’s apartment where residents can gather for community events, classes, informal get-togethers, and recreation at the onsite play structures. SEI will provide resident services and outreach with an emphasis on supporting African American families earning 30% AMI or below. Utilizing the N/NE Preference Policy list, this development will prioritize housing those whose families have been displaced by urban renewal’s legacy in North and Northeast Portland.

To align the project with the N/NE Oversight Committee’s efforts, CDP and SEI have acquired the neighboring Abbey Lot for the development of 8 homeownership units, which will be regulated at 60-100% AMI. The Metro Bond and Interstate Corridor Tax Increment Financing will contribute to financing the capital costs.

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Building Profile

Project TypeNew Development
Regulated Units75
PSH Units-
Total Units75
Bedroom SizeUnits
30% AMI11
40% AMI-
50% AMI-
60% AMI64
80% AMI
100% AMI8

AMI = Area Median Income

Estimated Development Cost

Portland Housing Bureau$11,319,210

Development Team

  • Community Development Partners and Self Enhancement Inc., Sponsor / Developer
  • Holst Architecture, Architect
  • Colas Construction, General Contractor
  • Self Enhancement Inc, Service Partner