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Client Information System (CIS)

Resources, documents, and forms for users of WellSky Community Services (formerly called "ServicePoint") within the PHB Client Information System (formerly "NWSSC" HMIS) implementation.
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What is a CIS?

Client Information System (CIS) is a locally administered electronic data collection system that stores longitudinal person-level information about persons who access the service system.

Portland Housing Bureau CIS (formerly NWSSC)

Effective 3/23/2024: PHB CIS (formerly NWSSC) is no longer the tri-county HMIS implementation. Please refer to the “Portland Metropolitan Area HMIS” or the local continuum contact for more information.

PHB is home to the Portland Housing Bureau CIS, an administrative entity that oversees the PHB Client Information System.

PHB CIS (formerly NWSSC) General Help Topics with Videos and FAQs

Watch a video or download an FAQ to learn more about these common topics. The FAQs are generally more technical and examine some of the nuances found in Community Services. If you have questions or need technical assistance, reach out to your local administrator or Community Services trainer.

For agencies and users outside of Portland Housing Bureau, refer to your local contact, also see Links to Other Oregon HMIS (lower on this page). This includes those who now participate in the “Portland Metropolitan Area HMIS”.

Data Entry

Workflow and data entry videos to help new users get started. For all users, these are great as a refresher or quick reference. Be sure to follow your agency's prescribed workflow.

Information to help clarify the trickier concepts:


What are the "Golden Rules of Visibility"? Read this technical overview, geared towards admins.


Reports communicate your agency's efforts and progress. Learn about one of the most common reports, the Annual Performance Report, also known as the APR.

Forms, Documents, and Policies and Procedures

All NWSSC documents are in process for updates, in the meantime they are applicable for PHB CIS.

Notice to clients – How we use and disclose information

Agency Participation Forms

User Agreement Forms

  • Note: "CHO" stands for Contributory HMIS/CIS Organization (any agency or organization using HMIS/CIS).

Client Consent Forms

Additional Links - Portland Metropolitan Area HMIS and Other Oregon HMIS Implementations

*Subject to change. Contact the COC or Implementation for current information.

Portland Metropolitan Area HMIS Implementation

Other Oregon HMIS Implementations