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Design Review Certification Process for Affordable Housing

How to apply for the Certification Program for the option to select Type II design review.

To apply:

Step 1. Applicant sends Certification Program letter template

Applicants send a word version of the Design Review Certification for Affordable Housing Developments (“Certification Program”) letter template to the agency contact for completion.

Agency contact is determined by project funder:

  • Projects receiving funding from the Portland Housing Bureau:
    Rachel Stein, Lead Loan Coordinator

  • Projects receiving funding from Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS), Home Forward, or a Federal agency should have their letter completed by the staff providing them with a regulatory agreement, affordability covenant, extended use agreement, or similar documents.

Projects that receive any amount of funding from PHB should have their letter completed by PHB even if they also receive funding from another entity. 

If you believe your project meets the Certification Program eligibility criteria, but do not have funding from an agency listed above, contact Rachel Stein.

Step 2. Funding agency staff (on behalf of the Applicant) completes the following steps.

  1. Complete the template letter form based on the project specifications.
  2. Sign the finalized letter.
  3. Send a signed electronic PDF version of the letter to the Applicant.
  4. Retain a copy for their agency’s records.

Step 3. Applicant emails signed certification letter to BDS, and cc's certifying agency.

Applicant provides the signed electronic PDF certification letter to the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) at Certifying agency should be cc’d on email submission to BDS.