CARES Funding Housing Assistance Programs

In response to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the City of Portland is making the following resources and services available through community partners. Eligible organizations are invited to apply. View RFIs and program details. For questions, please contact PHB.

The following programs are currently soliciting applications from organizations that will partner with PHB to deliver these services.

If you are a community member in need of assistance, please contact 2-1-1. This page will be updated once more information is available for the general public on how to apply.

COVID-19 Household Assistance Program (Bank Card)

This fund will assist households who have experienced a loss of income or who have increased health risks/needs due to COVID-19 by providing a one-time $500 bank card to those households.

RFI and application for CVHAP

COVID-19 Rent Relief Program (CVRRP)

The Portland Housing Bureau, the Joint Office of Homeless Services, Multnomah County’s Department of County Human Services, and regional housing authority Home Forward have banded together to deploy rent assistance to COVID-impacted households throughout Multnomah County over the next several months. Those funds include $25 million from the federal CARES Act.

$6.75 million of City CARES Act funding will be made available to reach organizations serving BIPOC communities through a Request for Interest process.

RFI and attachments for CVRRP Expanded Partner Network

Homeowner Financial Assistance

This program will provide financial assistance to at least 230 homeowners to prevent involuntary displacement due to impacts of COVID-19, with direct payments made to the creditor for delinquent accounts. Eligible expenses include but are not limited to, delinquent mortgage payments to bank or lending institution, Homeowner Association dues, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and utilities.

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Mortgage Counseling and Navigation Services

Low Income homeowners will receive financial and foreclosure prevention counseling, and/or support in navigating CARES Act Mortgage Relief options from one of the following culturally specific non-profit community partners that serve BIPOC communities: African American Alliance for Homeownership, Hacienda CDC, or Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc.

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