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General solicitations and bond solicitations for affordable housing development. Opportunities are advertised annually through Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA) or Requests for Proposals (RFP), subject to available resources. Funding is most often directed towards specific Urban Renewal Areas.

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Cover of the 2023 Metro Bond Opportunity Solicitation. A stylized image of an affordable housing building against a blue sky, with the Portland Housing Bureau logo in the bottom right.

Notifications about funding opportunities

PHB sends out notifications by email when new funding opportunities are announced. Sign up for the email list to be notified.

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Questions about project financing

If you have specific questions regarding your individual project financing, please contact Jill Chen, Housing Investments and Portfolio Preservation Manager.

Annual Reporting to PHB

Annual reporting, with the submission of all financial documents, is accomplished via WCMS and the Annual Compliance Testing (ACT) worksheet. Please see Reporting Tools for more information on completion requirements for annual reporting.

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Jill Chen

Housing Investments and Portfolio Preservation Manager
phone number503-823-2375For email inquiries, please include the name of the project in the subject line to promote an efficient response.

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