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Documents and links related to planning at PHB. View PHB's Equity Roadmap here. Learn about the principles that guide PHB's policy development, organizational priorities, and operational and financial decisions.
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Racial Equity Roadmap

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Guiding Principles of Equity and Social Justice

Equity means: All residents from Portland’s diverse and multicultural communities have access to the opportunities and resources they need to attain their full potential.

PHB will work towards eliminating housing barriers of all kinds, and we recognize Oregon’s history of housing discrimination and social injustice and must address current‐day disparities in access to the resources, programs and opportunities experienced by communities of color. In Portland, people of color experience racism and encounter barriers to stable housing and housing resources at much higher rates than their White counterparts. This leads to more people of color experiencing disparate living conditions and having less access to public goods, services, and resources.

PHB will ensure equity by applying these Guiding Principles of Equity and Social Justice when developing policies and organizational priorities, and when making operational and financial investment decisions.

PHB will:

  • Seek knowledge and learn from the guidance of others in pursuit of our equity goals
  • Strengthen and develop community relationships and engagement for shared success
  • Honor and encourage relationships of trust and respect among partners who serve communities of color, service providers, housing developers and contractors
  • Develop and communicate equity commitments
  • Make policy and operational decisions using an equity lens
  • Leverage the work and programs of other organizations effectively addressing issues of equity
  • Continually incorporate equity achievements and learning into decision making and implementation of social justice policies
  • Provide leadership and support to stakeholders related to equity
  • Define, measure, and report equity results

Further Resources and Past Events

Equity Forum


Developed by Urban League of Portland, presented by Portland’s Partnership for Racial Equity.

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