Memorial Day closure

Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 29, in observance of Memorial Day.

Permit Improvement Task Force

The Permitting Improvement Task Force is co-chaired by Commissioner Ryan and Commissioner Mingus Mapps. It consists of leaders from most City permitting bureaus and representatives from the development community.
Commissioner Carmen RubioCommissioner Rubio's OfficeCommissioner-in-Charge, Development Services, Planning & Sustainability
Jillian ShoeneCommissioner Rubio's OfficeChief of Staff, Commissioner Rubio
Christina GhanCommissioner Rubio's OfficePolicy Advisor, Commissioner Rubio
Commissioner Dan RyanCommissioner Ryan's OfficeCommissioner-in-Charge, Parks
Kellie TorresCommissioner Ryan's OfficeChief of Staff, Commissioner Ryan
Karen Guillen ChapmanCommissioner Ryan's OfficeSenior Policy Advisor, Commissioner Ryan
Terri TheisenCommissioner Ryan's OfficePermit Improvement Strategy Manager
Commissioner Mingus MappsCommissioner Mapps' OfficeCommissioner-in-Charge, Environmental Services, Water, Transportation
Katie MeyerCommissioner Mapps' OfficeChief of Staff,
Shannon CarneyCommissioner Mapps' OfficeSenior Policy Advisor, Commissioner Mapps
Goldann SalazarCommissioner Mapps' OfficePolicy Advisor, Commissioner Mapps
Michelle RodriguezCommissioner Mapps' OfficePolicy Advisor, Commissioner Mapps
Bobby LeeMayor's OfficeChief of Staff, Mayor
Rebecca EsauBureau of Development ServicesDirector, Development Services
Elshad HajiyevBureau of Development ServicesDeputy Director, Development Services
Andy PetersonBureau of Development ServicesDirector's Office, Development Services
David KuhnhausenBureau of Development ServicesPermitting Services Division Manager, Development Services
Douglas MorganBureau of Development ServicesPlan Review Services Division Manager, Development Services
Brenda FaheyBureau of Development ServicesTechnology, Training and Continuous Improvement Manager, Development Services
Dawn UchiyamaBureau of Environmental ServicesDirector, Environmental Services
Joe BlancoBureau of Environmental ServicesDevelopment Services Manager, Environmental Services
Tara WasiakPortland Bureau of TransportationDirector, Transportation
Kurt KruegerPortland Bureau of TransportationEngineering Manager, Transportation
Matt GrummPortland Bureau of TransportationIntergovernmental Affairs Manager, Transportation
Kari SchimelPortland Fire & RescueFire Marshall, Fire
Michael SilvaPortland Fire & RescueSenior Inspector, Fire
Paul JenningsPortland Fire & RescueSenior Inspector, Fire
Adena LongPortland Parks & RecreationDirector, Parks & Recreation
Jenn CairoPortland Parks & RecreationCity Forester, Parks & Recreation
Casey JogerstPortland Parks & RecreationUrban Forestry Permitting & Regulation Manager, Parks & Recreation
Gabriel SolmerPortland Water BureauDirector, Water
Erin MickPortland Water BureauEngineering and Residential Development Manager, Water
Suzannah StanleyDevelopment Review Advisory CommitteeMcKenzie, DRRC Tech. Subcommittee
Paul DelsmanDevelopment Review Advisory CommitteeHoward S Wright, DRAC Chair
Maurice RahmingDevelopment Review Advisory CommitteeO'Neill Construction, DRAC Member
Wilf PinfoldTechnology Oversight CommitteeCity Technology, DRAC member
Eric EngstromBureau of Planning & SustainabilitySenior Planner, Planning & Sustainability
Patricia DiefenderferBureau of Planning & SustainabilityCity Planner
Terri TheisenOffice of Management & FinanceStrategy Manager, Permit Improvement Project
Dan BauerBureau of Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services
Erin NovakWater BureauDirector Warner Scheduler
Kira HiggsKira Higgs ConsultingFacilitator
Ken RayBureau of Development ServicesDevelopment Services Communications
Michelle TranPortland Parks & RecreationDirector Long Scheduler
Natalie MonsignacCommissioner Mapps' OfficeCommissioner Mapps Scheduler
Rachel WeatherlyBureau of Environmental ServicesDirector Uchiyama Scheduler
Sierra StringfieldPortland Bureau of TransportationDirector Wasiak Scheduler
Jill SouedeCommissioner Ryan's OfficeCommissioner Ryan Scheduler
Colleen PooleBureau of Development ServicesDirector Esau Scheduler
Karen Guillen ChapmanCommissioner Ryan's OfficeSenior Policy Advisor, Commissioner Ryan
Ross CaronBureau of Development ServicesGSI/Regulatory Work Group
Donnie OlivieraBureau of Planning & SustainabilityDirector
Stephen HimesBureau of Environmental ServicesIDS Team
Sonia SchmanskiOffice of Management & FinanceDeputy Director, Management & Finance
Lila PigotBureau of Development ServicesSupervisor, TCCI
Leigh WheelerBureau of Development ServicesObjective 1 Work Group
Adrienne AionaBureau of Environmental ServicesRegulatory Work Group
Kim TallentBureau of Development ServicesRegulatory Work Group
Leesha PoseyBureau of Development ServicesSmall Business Work Group
Duane WhitehurstBureau of Development ServicesSupervisor, PACI
Dory HellyerPortland Housing BureauSupervisor, Housing Bureau
David O'LongaighWater BureauEngineering Manager
Jodie InmanWater BureauChief Engineer
Mieke KeenanPermit Improvement Transition TeamDevelopment Review Analyst
Erika LopezPermit Improvement Transition TeamDevelopment Review Analyst
Ellen WeeksPermit Improvement Transition TeamDevelopment Review Analyst