Current PIP Projects

Picture of an inspector surveying plumbing at a building worksite
In September 2022 the Permit Improvement Transition Team (PITT) received special appropriation funding from the City Council through July 2024, and was charged with leading, coordinating and building capacity for the Citywide permit improvement effort.
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The Permit Improvement Transition Team (PITT) will support discrete projects, cross-pollinate process improvement efforts, and work as change management agents. The team will work across bureaus to lead, advise and maintain a city-wide awareness about city-wide permit improvement work to achieve efficiency and interconnectivity.

PITT is guided by and accountable to the Permit Improvement Task Force (PITF) and its recommendations, and the 2021 City auditor recommendations.

Current PITT projects include:

Inter-Agency Cross-bureau Team Project CharterTransition current inter-agency permitting structure to a cross-disciplinary team of permit review staff from all infrastructure bureaus. (BES, Parks, PBOT, Water) with one manager.
City-wide development services budget and staffing analysis Retain skilled staff and increase job satisfaction; Adequate staffing across bureaus, across time; Review team & city-wide timeline goals met.
City-wide Regulatory Process Workflow and Feedback CharterWork with bureau representatives to formalize Task Force regulatory recommendations and bring to Council for adoption. Engage in a holistic approach and maintain accountability to ensure code integrity in an evolving regulatory landscape. Policy choices go to Council prior to starting a code amendment project to examine costs/benefits of these different policy choices not only to the City but to the community earlier in the process.
Development Services Cross-bureau website coordination and contentIncrease customer and staff satisfaction; improve quality of submittals. Improve customer wayfinding. Bring permitting bureau communications SME’s together to Develop a plan to fix Permitting Web Content Alignment.
Intake Success Project CharterImprove quality of permit submittals, including digitizing the process into a DevHub conditional logic survey. Current focus NSFR applications.
Small Business Support (convene bureau reps, Prosper PDX, and customers to strategize and create a plan for how to expand support for small businesses) Draft CharterDevelop a proposal to support small businesses through the development of several interdisciplinary teams that will provide a single point of contact, early assistance for early issue identification, and collaborative problem solving.
Business Process AnalysisReview business processes and identify ideas to improve timeliness, effectiveness of reviews, increase customer satisfaction, and meet city-wide timeline goals.
Sustain, expand and embed Permit Timeline Dashboard Transparent, predictable and consistent process; Cross-bureau accountability.
Expand performance measures including timeliness, customer experience and quality.Transparent, predictable and consistent process; Cross-bureau accountability.
City-wide development services staff surveyEstablish baseline of employee awareness/desire for change. Prioritize projects with employee input.
Permit Improvement Task ForceAlignment and accountability for city-wide improvement and strategy.

If you need assistance with your permit, please contact the Customer Success Team at Report a Problem.