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About Permitting Improvement


Portland's reputation as a desirable city is affected by the challenges and lengthy timelines presented when a homeowner or a business applies for a building permit.

Attracting and retaining businesses is an important job of the City. Providing efficient and reliable services is central to the role of local government.
The ease and efficiency of the building permit process are essential components of Portland's economic recovery.

The urgency is clear: Reviving vacant commercial spaces, building more affordable housing, and supporting residential development and improvements are critical to restoring Portland's economic health.

It can take several months to receive a permit to open a new business in a vacant space or remodel a home. We must do better. The more quickly we can get small businesses, affordable housing and home improvements approved and new investment flowing, the faster our economy can recover. Adaptability and communication that lead to a more efficient, accessible and customer-centered building permit process are the goals of the City of Portland's Permitting Improvement efforts.


Terri Theisen

Permitting Improvement Strategy Manager

Ken Ray

Public Information Officer, Development Services

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