Space activation

Director Park Aerial
Space activation is just one of the strategies that can be used to turn places that attract garbage and graffiti into vibrant gathering spaces for the entire community to enjoy.

Space activation is a way to connect a community in an innovative and exciting way, it takes underutilized spaces and recreates them into creative places that can be used in new ways. Abandoned lots, empty warehouses and alleys around the world have been turned into pocket parks, playgrounds, experiential art galleries and more.

Oak Street project

The Public Environment Management Office is currently working on a space activation project on SE Oak Street, located south of Laurelhurst Park. Oak Street has been a popular site for unsanctioned camping for the past few years, which has resulted in thousands of pounds of trash, environmental damage, access restrictions and safety concerns. Here are the space activation components being implemented at Oak Street beginning November 2022:  

  • Street asphalt refurbishing
  • Tree pruning
  • Man-hold lid replacement
  • Pickle Ball court installation
  • New fencing 
  • Paint striping
  • Refurbish benches
  • New trash cans
  • Install bike staples and concrete pads for amenities