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Portlanders share their experiences and interactions with PEMO's team. Here you'll find a collection of firsthand accounts that shed light on the ways PEMO has made a meaningful difference across Portland.

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"Of all of the agencies we’ve engaged with over the last several years, PEMO has been by far the most responsive and because of this we’ve seen some real traction in our efforts to revitalize our community which has so much untapped potential.  If it weren’t for PEMO with their problem-solving meetings and their willingness to collaborate on both short-term and long-term solutions, I personally would have probably sold my house and moved months ago despite being fully invested in this community both financially and emotionally for a lot of years. 

In a relatively short timeframe PEMO has helped resolve numerous immediate problems with innovative thinking and have proven themselves to be an invaluable partner in looking at long term solutions and connecting us with additional resources like the Community Safety Division. Although there is still a ton of work to be done, the Hazelwood Neighborhood Association and Menlo Park Business Association no longer feel like we’re on our own working in a vacuum which became extremely demoralizing as the years dragged on. 

We are extremely grateful for all of their efforts on behalf of our community."

- Ann M., Hazelwood Neighborhood Association

Lighting near The Society Hotel

"I wanted to just take a moment to write and tell you just how pleased I am with the work they [PEMO] are doing. [It] has been a breath of fresh air! [They] see that we are struggling with on the ground and are able to quickly synthesize it into actionable steps the City can take to help us solve various problems…. These may seem like small things given the gravity of our issues, but as an economist, you know that confidence and stability/consistency are the two most critical factors in rebuilding an economy, and that is what we are getting working with the PEMO team."

- Jessie Burke, Society Hotel Owner & OTCA Chair

PEMO Mural

“The Problem Solver Meetings are the most useful City meeting ever.”

- Venture Portland District Manager

People attending PEMO site walk

"I can honestly say that this is the most empowered I have felt in years with the City. I like the routine of the meetings. And I love the lights."

- Maura W., Hollywood Boosters 

Lighting in trees on the eastbank esplanade in Central City Portland

"The walk took an hour with our Hollywood hosts showing and explaining many problems in their neighborhood and business district. It was informative for me but frankly, it was overwhelmingly inspirational. Those city representatives who attended were great listeners. I witnessed repeatedly; dedicated and professional city workers attempt to address on the spot, the problems they heard. They would collaborate with others in the city who could lend a hand or idea while including the community members adversely affected and seeking help. This partnership of citizen and city gave me hope that once again, Portland could work!"

- TJ B., Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association

Park Lighting

"PEMO has made a significant impact in Montavilla and came at a time when our members were beginning to lose faith in city government. …addressing member concerns that have gone unresolved for years. The most important benefit of PEMO is having a group that listens to our ideas and concerns with problem solvers' perspective.
PEMO operates how many residents believe Portland should function, with accountability and action. Having a reliable interface with the entire range of city bureaus through PEMO is transformative to the efficacy of association work. We can address community issues in months instead of years, allowing our volunteers to do more with our limited resources. Montavilla needs PEMO to continue making the quick improvements that let residents and business owners know that Portland is working on a solution."

- Jacob Loeb, Montavilla Board Chair 

PEMO Park Lighting

"I just want to relay my deep gratitude for you showing up at the …problem solvers meetings and facilitating. I can only imagine the constant onslaught of complaints that you receive. You demonstrate what appears to be endless patience yet grit to keep us focused and keeping moving towards solutions. Thank you… really thank you!"

- Cascade AIDS Project 

PEMO Sponsored Mural by Jose Solis

"I am extremely impressed with (their) responsiveness and constant attention to detail when helping guide me through the various process’… (They are) clearly dedicated to making a tangible improvement in our district, … and I’m grateful for (their)support as we work together to increase the safety and livability of our neighborhood."

- Mo Bauchman, Kenton Antiques 

Lighting near Voodoo Donuts

"Never in my 30 years of being in Lents have I had such a positive and proactive experience in which I felt the city wanted to hear about our issues we have experienced regarding public safety and environmental hazards and put officials on the grounds of our neighborhood to see first-hand what our neighborhoods look like. These meetings have left a positive ripple effect through our communities in which neighborhood residents are excited to partner with the city. And for the first time in a long time, our community is speaking positively about our City and local department officials/leaders and their involvement."

- John S., Steve's Imports