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Problem Solver Meetings

The Problem Solver Network is an initiative to address community public realm issues across the city. PEMO brings together a diverse set of community stakeholders including: business district associations, neighborhood associations, significant community organizations, and other stakeholders. These groups meet every two weeks in neighborhood-specific Problem Solver Meetings. These meetings serve as a platform for community members to raise concerns and discuss potential opportunities directly with City staff.  

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By working together, the network aims to address community challenges in a comprehensive, creative, and timely manner, while maintaining a strong sense of urgency and accountability. 

The 30-minute agenda is grounded in partnership, accountability, and outcomes. Meetings are practical and solutions-oriented, focusing on reporting, follow-up, action, and new issues. City staff update community members on the status of issues from the previous meeting and district representatives report new problems and describe opportunities. On-the-ground improvements include removing nuisances while activating or stabilizing public spaces.


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