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PEMO and Director Leon are honored at 1st Annual City of Portland Procurement Day

News Article
Their commitment to diversity and inclusivity in city contracting was highlighted by Mayor Ted Wheeler

On Monday, September 25, 2023, the City of Portland hosted Procurement Day 2023, a collaborative event where city bureaus, contracted community partners, state agencies, and the contracting community came together for engagement, information, and education.  

The event was kicked off by Chief Procurement Officer, Biko Taylor and proceeded with Mayor Ted Wheeler recognizing the contractors and city bureaus who took part in responding to his Emergency Declaration for pandemic recovery cleanup not related to homelessness. The Public Environment Management Office (PEMO) and Director Christine Leon were specifically honored in recognition for their dedication to inclusivity and diversity in contracting for goods and services in responding to the Mayor’s ED. Both PEMO and Director Leon consistently worked with Procurement Services on the inclusion of local small businesses, BIPOC-owned firms, and women-owned firms in response to their challenging work.  

Later in the program, the event included:  

  • Workshops highlighting the ins and outs of the procurement process, 

  • Information sessions offering insights into government contracts and opportunities, 

  • And training sessions to equip local firms with tools to engage effectively in the procurement process.  

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