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PCCEP: Get Involved!

Community Engagement: Get Involved
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Agenda Input

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Public Comment

Community members can give public comment in two ways:

  • Verbal public comment during a live meeting or through voicemail
  • Written public comment in advance of a meeting

To give verbal public comment, please attend an upcoming meeting of PCCEP or its sub-committees. Public comment periods are usually towards the end of the agenda. When the facilitators ask for public comment, please raise your hand in Zoom to be called on and give public comment.

Alternatively, verbal comment can be given by calling the PCCEP public comment line at 503-823-5386 and leaving a voicemail.

To give written public comment, please fill out the online public comment form. Public comment through this form is categorized based on what it's about, so it can go to the right PCCEP meeting (a full committee meeting, sub-committee meeting, etc.) It is circulated in advance of the meeting to members so they have time to read it, and it is included in the public record of the meetings.

PCCEP Application

Please complete the fillable PDF in your browser, download a copy, and email it back to As of May 13, 2022, applications are only being accepted via email.

PCCEP Aplicacion en Espanol

  • PCCEP ya no acepta solicitudes en papel. Las solicitudes recibidas en persona antes del 13 de mayo de 2022 aún se considerarán. A partir del 13 de mayo de 2022, las solicitudes solo se recibirán por correo electrónico a Complete la solicitud en el archivo, guárdela y envíela por correo electrónico, o escanee su solicitud en papel y envíela por correo electrónico en el archivo escaneado.