Fire Station Orange Go-Kits

Each Portland Fire & Rescue fire station has an "orange go-kit:" a 55-watt Icom IC-2100H radio and a roof-mounted antenna.

NET volunteers are permitted to use this equipment if they have a valid FCC amateur radio license. The kit CANNOT leave the fire station, and so cannot be checked out. However, a volunteer can visit a fire station and use the radio there. To schedule a time to do this, please contact the NET Coordinator.

This excellent 17 minute video explains the use of the VHF radio in the Fire Station Radio Go Kits.

Orange go-kits contain the following equipment:

  • VHF radio (Icom IC-2100H/IC-2200H)
  • Handheld UHF BEECN radio (in most, but not all, orange kits)
  • Microphone
  •  J-pole roll-up VHF antenna
  • Magnetic mount whip antenna
  • AC power supply (stron SS-25M) 
  • AC ground adapter plug 
  • BNC-to-SO-239 adapter (for J-pole roll-up antenna) 
  • 20 amp fuse (for radio power cables) 
  • Extension cord, 50 feet (quantity 2) 
  • Coaxial cable, 25 feet
  • Coaxial cable, 100 feet
  • SO-239 female-to-female barrel adapter (for combining coaxial cables) 
  • AC power cable (black)
  • DC power cable (links power supply to radio) 
  • Car battery power cable (links  power supply to radio)
  • Cigarette lighter adapter (to install radio into a car)
  • Zippered pouch (container for small items) 
  • Small screwdrivers (1 flat, 1 Phillips)
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Radio operation manual
  • Notebook with: radio box inventory, basic radio operation instructions, activation procedures and frequency list, forms, city map, and blank paper


NET Coordinator

Emergency Management