NET Amateur Radio Resources

Neighborhood Emergency Team radio
This section is intended as a resource for NET volunteers interested in becoming NET Amateur Radio Operators (AROs) and to provide resources for current NET AROs.

From the links below, you can:

  • Learn why communications, and particularly amateur radio communications, are important for the NET program and disaster response
  • Find a class to prepare you for the FCC Amateur Radio Technician exam, and where to take the exam itself
  • Learn what training is needed to become a NET ARO, and how to get that training 

Weekly NET Check-ins

NET amateur radio operators meet on the air every Sunday at 8:10pm (2010) on the Amateur Radio Relay Group (ARRG) repeater, 147.040MHz, +600 kHz, 100.0 PL. This net has a curriculum and the net control deals with specific topics of interest to NET amateur radio operators, such as recent deployments, features of emergency radios, antennas, etc.

There is also a second net, the NET Chat Net, that takes place the hour before on a separate repeater! NET amateur radio operators join this informal chat Sunday at 7:00pm (1900) on the K7NE repeater, 443.300 MHz, +5 MHz, 100.0 PL. If you are new to radio and want to try out your equipment, this is a great place to start.




Emergency Management