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St. Johns Community Center Roof and HVAC Replacement

Thanks to funding from the Parks Replacement Bond, St. Johns Community Center received a roof replacement and a replacement HVAC system to improve heating and cooling. The heating/cooling (HVAC) system installation work was completed in 2017. The building's roof was replaced in summer 2018.

Project Schedule

Fall 2015 - Winter 2015/16
Design Development

Winter 2016/17 - Spring 2017
Permitting and Bidding

Summer 2017 - Fall 2017
Construction for HVAC system

Spring 2018 - Summer 2018
Roof replacement

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Built in 1940, this center was originally part of a recreation complex that served the large number of workers in the Kaiser shipyards during World War II. When the war was over, the pre-fabricated building was dismantled and moved on flatbed trucks, piece by piece, to its current location. This new home was two blocks from the center of downtown St. Johns, at the edge of a large cherry and prune orchard. Some of the old fruit trees still stand on the center's grounds. In 1998-99, a number of improvements were made using funds from 1994 General Obligation Bond.

In 2018, St. Johns Community Center received a roof and HVAC system replacement thanks to funds from the Parks Replacement Bond.

Reservations available

Meeting room
Party room

Park Location or Entrance

St. Johns Community Center main entrance
8427 N Central Street
Portland, OR 97203


Evan Lilly

St. Johns Community Center Building Supervisor

Park amenities/activities

Basketball Court (Indoor)
Rock Climbing Wall
Preschool Program
Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)


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