Volleyball (Grades 3-12)

A youth volleyball team huddles up during practice.
9/13/22 - At this time individual player registration has closed. We have reached our capacity for the Fall season. Our next opportunity will be Spring Volleyball.

PP&R Fall 4v4 Volleyball League Information 

  • Registration for teams and individual players is open August 15th to September 16th.
  • Game play is September 24th through October 29th at Parkrose Middle School.

Practice and game information:

Practices are held at Mt Tabor Middle School beginning Tuesday, September 20th, 2022.

  • 5800 SE Ash St., Portland, OR 97215
3-4 grades6:15 - 7:25 PM - Tuesdays at Mt Tabor Middle School
5-6 grades6:15 - 7:25 PM - Tuesdays at Mt Tabor Middle School
7-8 grades7:30 - 8:40 PM - Tuesdays at Mt Tabor Middle School
High school7:30 - 8:40 PM - Tuesdays at Mt Tabor Middle School

Games are played at Parkrose Middle School beginning Saturday, September 24th, 2022.

  • 11800 NE Shaver St., Portland, OR 97220
  • Weekly game schedules will be posted here each Thursday.

New Program Format 2022  

The Saturday youth volleyball league is transitioning to a 4v4 game format.  This change provides each player more opportunities to play, touch the ball, and develop their volleyball skills in a game environment.  This game format also teaches players to work together, become better teammates, have fun, and to truly enjoy the game of volleyball.

  • Independent players practice one day per week 
  • 30-minute practice prior to playing games on Saturday
  • Players – a maximum of 4 players per team during games
  • 3rd & 4th Grade League (program limit of 32 players)
  • 5th & 6th Grade League (program limit of 32 players)
  • 7th & 8th Grade League (program limit of 32 players)
  • High School League (program limit of 32 players)
  • Smaller Court – 25 ft. wide and 25 ft. deep
  • Short Games – First team to 15 points or highest score after 10 minutes
  • More Games – 4 to 6 games every Saturday
  • Games – Teams face a new opponent team every game
  • Player Rotation - Independent players form new teams each game
  • Scorekeeping –Tracking wins, not the score of the game
  • Referee – Games are monitored by a referee
  • Coaches – Coaching before and after games, not during game play


  • Independent Players - $125.00 (Scholarships available)
  • Independent players practice once a week, form teams and play games on Saturday
  • Established Teams: (Scholarships available)
    • Team of 4 to 7 players - $150
    • Team of 8 to 11 players - $250
    • Team of 12 or more players - $350
    • Established teams must have an adult coach or chaperone
    • Teams are responsible for securing their practice space

Independent Player Registration

Independent player fee: $125 (scholarships available)

Register as an independent player​​​​​

Team Registration

  • Team fee: listed above (scholarships available)
  • A coach or chaperone is required for team registration
  • Teams need their own practice space
  • Player jerseys with 4-6” number on center front required
  • Team registration forms available below
  • Submit completed registration forms to blaine.rethmeier@portlandoregon.gov

Volleyball Resources

Concussion Awareness