Volleyball (Grades 4-12)

A youth volleyball team huddles up during practice.
November 2022 - The fall volleyball season has ended. The next opportunity will be spring volleyball and program information will be posted on this webpage in mid-February.

Information about the spring volleyball league will post on this webpage in the middle of February.

New Program Format for Fall of 2022  

The Saturday youth volleyball league is transitioning to a 4v4 game format.  This change provides each player more opportunities to play, touch the ball, and develop their volleyball skills in a game environment.  This game format also teaches players to work together, become better teammates, have fun, and to truly enjoy the game of volleyball.

  • Independent players practice one day per week 
  • 30-minute practice prior to playing games on Saturday
  • Players – a maximum of 4 players per team during games
  • 3rd & 4th Grade League (program limit of 32 players)
  • 5th & 6th Grade League (program limit of 32 players)
  • 7th & 8th Grade League (program limit of 32 players)
  • High School League (program limit of 32 players)
  • Smaller Court – 25 ft. wide and 25 ft. deep
  • Short Games – First team to 15 points or highest score after 10 minutes
  • More Games – 4 to 6 games every Saturday
  • Games – Teams face a new opponent team every game
  • Player Rotation - Independent players form new teams each game
  • Scorekeeping –Tracking wins, not the score of the game
  • Referee – Games are monitored by a referee
  • Coaches – Coaching before and after games, not during game play


  • Independent Players - $125.00 (Scholarships available)
  • Independent players practice once a week, form teams and play games on Saturday
  • Established Teams: (Scholarships available)
    • Team of 4 to 7 players - $150
    • Team of 8 to 11 players - $250
    • Team of 12 or more players - $350
    • Established teams must have an adult coach or chaperone
    • Teams are responsible for securing their practice space

Independent Player Registration

Independent player fee: $125 (scholarships available)

​​​​Team Registration

  • Team fee: listed above (scholarships available)
  • A coach or chaperone is required for team registration
  • Teams need their own practice space
  • Player jerseys with 4-6” number on center front required
  • Team registration forms available below
  • Submit completed registration forms to blaine.rethmeier@portlandoregon.gov

Volleyball Resources

Concussion Awareness