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Featured stories from the 2019-2020 Bond Annual Report
Featured stories from the 2017-2018 Bond Annual Report
Featured stories from the 2016-2017 Bond Annual Report
Featured stories from the 2018-2019 Bond Annual Report
System Development Charges (SDC) are one-time fees assessed on new development. SDC's help ensure that Portland's quality of life keeps pace with our growing and changing city by providing additional parks and recreation facilities needed to accommodate growth.
Learn more about how to apply for permits and receive inspections from Environmental Services, Fire and Rescue, Transportation, Urban Forestry and Water.

Photo Policy

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) reserves the right, and may give permission to the media, to photograph classes, programs, and participants at any of our facilities and properties or any sponsored activity. 
Many of Portland's parks have picnic tables available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you wish to guarantee a picnic site, you will need to make a reservation in advance.
Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) and its 120 friends and partner groups steward your public parks system. In addition to maintaining today’s parks, PP&R is responsible for working with City Council, our Portland Parks Foundation, and the community to build the parks system for the next generation.
Portland Parks & Recreation owns and operates four indoor pools and seven outdoor pools. All indoor and Creston, Grant, Ida B. Wells, Peninsula, Pier and Sellwood outdoor pools are now open for the season. Montavilla outdoor pool will open July 22, 2024. Montavilla Outdoor Pool will open July 22.

Pop-up Arboreta

An arboretum (plural arboreta) is a collection of trees, often with a theme or pattern. Every one of Portland’s parks has its own unique assortment of trees, each with a story to tell. With more than 300 different kinds of trees in Parks, no two Pop-Ups are the same!

Portland Arbor Day

Portland has been celebrating Arbor Day since 1889 - bringing communities together to recognize the importance and value of trees. The trees of our city provide essential services - making a healthier and more equitable place to live for all Portlanders.
PP&R's Park Rangers serve as goodwill ambassadors and provide a positive public safety presence in Portland parks and park facilities. Park Rangers can be a resource to help solve park problems and ensure the protection of our natural and cultural resources.
Answers to common questions Portlanders may have about our Park Rangers.
The Portland Parks & Recreation Board, established in 2001, serves to ensure that the vision and recommendations of the Parks 2020 Vision are at the forefront of discussions about park and recreation issues, and trends over time and in all areas of the city.
Learn more about Portland Parks & Recreation Friends Groups.
Portland Parks & Recreation is dedicated to providing a play-based, child-centered, and inclusive educational preschool program for ages 3–5 years old. Play is an important avenue for learning. It is our goal to honor where each child is in their development.
Portland Parks & Recreation is partnering with the Portland Fire Bureau on a prescribed fire program that will help reduce the risk of fire, reduce the harmful effects from insects and pathogens, and improve the overall health of our park lands.

PP&R Budget Process

The City of Portland develops an annual budget. That means every year, every bureau, including Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) works with their Commissioner’s Office to develop a Requested Budget that is submitted to the City Budget Office and the Mayor.
Portland Parks & Recreation is testing water fixtures throughout the parks and recreation system for lead to make sure they meet all state and federal standards. This page contains background, results, and resources related to the bureau's testing efforts.

PP&R Equity HUB

The Equity HUB (Helping Understand Best Practices) is a resource to empower and support robust engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
This page contains information about Protect the Best, a Portland Parks & Recreation invasive vegetation management program for natural areas.