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Portland Parks & Recreation supports and encourages the sport of geocaching as an activity that promotes exploration of our varied landscapes.
For more than fifty years, Portland Parks & Recreation and Portland Public Schools
have worked together to provide thousands of children, youth, and adults sports
programming and recreational opportunities on hundreds of sports fields in almost
every neighborhood in the city.
Healthy Parks, Healthy Portland is an effort to build systems, tools, and a planning framework that links Portland Parks & Recreation's (PP&R) strategy and investments to outcomes in the community.
All work on Heritage Trees requires a permit. The type of permit depends on the kind of work you propose.
Portland Parks & Recreation posts information on closures, delays, and cancellations affecting our sites and programs during inclement weather.

Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services provides meaningful access to people living with disabilities. The program aims to provide every individual access to all PP&R registered classes and activities that are within their chronological age group. Each support plan is established on an individual basis.
Splash pads in parks are closed for 2023. They ran between 10 am-8 pm daily through Labor Day (we extended their hours this summer). Interactive fountains are activated during the spring; see below for more hours and locations.
Ladybug Nature Walks take place in Portland's parks and natural areas. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers explore nature with an adult and join a group led by a nature educator. Children borrow a small backpack of tools for the walk.
PP&R is continually identifying opportunities and gathering information for potential park acquisitions. Community nominations are one of the ways that PP&R learns about these opportunities.
Outdoor pools are closed for the season. View individual pool pages for schedule updates and changes.
Leash laws ensure dogs are controlled by their owners at all times, which keeps people and other dogs safe, and protects park land and wildlife. Removal of dog waste prevents spread of disease that waste can carry, and avoids impacts to recreational use, water quality, wildlife, and vegetation.

Lifelong Recreation

Lifelong Recreation (formerly Senior Recreation) is dedicated to ensuring access to recreational, educational, and wellness opportunities for adults age 60+.
How will we invest our local share of the Regional Parks and Nature Bond funds approved by voters in 2019?
The Native American Community Advisory Council (NACAC) provides a forum to discuss values such as the sacredness of land, the importance of spiritual and cultural connection to heritage, and the recognition that Indigenous peoples have been here since time immemorial.

Natural Areas

Portland Parks & Recreation has developed a Natural Area Acquisition Strategy to guide completion of a connected system of natural areas in Portland.
Teens ages 13 to 17 can apply to participate at camp - working side-by-side with staff and campers to gain experience in teaching, communication, and child development.
Nature Day Camps create ways for children to connect to nature through outdoor play and exploration. Camps take place every June, July, and August in various locations around the city. Nature-based camps offer ways for children to nurture their relationship to nature, peers, and trusted adults.
Spend your summer as a nature educator Nature Day Camp! We offer positions working with children in nature, mentoring teen volunteers, and leading small teams of paid staff. Positions are available for people with no experience, some experience, and a lot of experience.

Nature Patches

Portland Parks & Recreation's Ecologically Sustainable Landscapes Initiative adds nature patches to park landscapes that provide natural experiences for people and habitat for wildlife. Nature patches are natural gardens that support native pollinators and offer opportunities for exploration.