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Portland Parks & Recreation manages several public docks as well as two boat ramps in the City of Portland. These ramps and docks provide launching and mooring of watercraft and vessels, allowing exploration of the region by water. No services are provided at PP&R docks.
When voters supported the Parks Replacement Bond, they also approved forming a committee of community members to oversee how their dollars are spent.
Celebrate Black Portlanders is brought to you by Portland Parks & Recreation as part of the Stay and Play video series.

Commercial Activity

Permits primarily for a business endeavor, whether offering classes/camps or vending food/equipment.

Community Centers

Portland Parks & Recreation’s (PP&R) Community Partnership Program expands PP&R’s capacity to reach underserved communities.
Portland Parks & Recreation strives to make our community centers, parks, natural areas, and recreation facilities a place where you and your family can feel as welcome, comfortable and safe as possible. We direct all patrons and employees to comply with the law and Portland City Code Chapter 20.12
We offer permits for a wide variety of activities, from weddings and picnics to sports field and gym use, on Portland Parks & Recreation properties.
Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) recognizes that in order to achieve equity throughout the bureau, a well-coordinated effort across and at all levels of the organizations is necessary. The role of the DEC is integral in creating a link between the employees, management and city leadership.
Portland Parks & Recreation engages the next generation of environmental leaders through volunteer naturalist training, paid work programs, nature-based camps, field trips, guided walks, and stewardship. The following is a list of Environmental Education volunteer and employment opportunities.
This page contains information about Civil Rights protections specific to Portland Parks & Recreation.
Portland Parks & Recreation is committed to the overall Citywide vision that race will have no detrimental effect on people of color, refugee and immigrant communities in accessing our parks and natural areas, or from the benefit of our services.
Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) created this policy to support film and video production as well as still photography within PP&R parks.
Portland Park & Recreation’s dog off-leash areas (DOLAs) provide a wide variety of options for dogs and their owners.
The Portland angling (fishing) community values their access to their local rivers as a recreational opportunity.

Fitness in the Park

Portland Parks & Recreation's Fitness in the Park helps Portlanders stay active and achieve their fitness goals while connecting to community and nature in our parks. People at every fitness level, age 14 and up, are welcome.
A five-year plan for forwarding racial equity within Portland Parks & Recreation
Learn more about the Portland Parks & Recreation friends and partnership programs.
Portland Parks & Recreation supports and encourages the sport of geocaching as an activity that promotes exploration of our varied landscapes.
For more than fifty years, Portland Parks & Recreation and Portland Public Schools
have worked together to provide thousands of children, youth, and adults sports
programming and recreational opportunities on hundreds of sports fields in almost
every neighborhood in the city.
Healthy Parks, Healthy Portland is an effort to build systems, tools, and a planning framework that links Portland Parks & Recreation's strategy and investments to outcomes in the community.
All work on Heritage Trees requires a permit. The type of permit depends on the kind of work you propose.