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Eastridge Park main entrance
SE 141st Avenue and Crystal Springs Street
Portland, OR 97236
Community garden
Ed Benedict Community Garden main entrance
10441 SE Bush Street
Portland, OR 97266
Ed Benedict Park main entrance
SE 100th Avenue and Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97266
Elizabeth Caruthers Park main entrance
3508 S Moody Avenue
Portland, OR 97239
Errol Heights Community Garden main entrance
4841 SE Tenino Court
Portland, OR 97206
Errol Heights Park main entrance
SE 52nd Avenue and Tenino Street
Portland, OR 97206
Essex Park main entrance
SE 79th Avenue and Center Street
Portland, OR 97206
Community garden
Everett Community Garden main entrance
2698 NE Everett Street
Portland, OR 97232
Fanno Creek Natural Area main entrance
SW 59th Avenue and Hamilton Street
Portland, OR 97221
Farragut Park main entrance
N Kerby Avenue and Farragut Street
Portland, OR 97217
Community school
Faubion SUN Community School main entrance
2930 NE Dekum Street
Portland, OR 97211
Fernhill Park main entrance
NE 37th Avenue and Ainsworth Street
Portland, OR 97211
Flavel Park main entrance
SE 75th Avenue and Flavel Street
Portland, OR 97206
Community garden
Floyd Light Community Garden main entrance
599 SE 111th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216
Floyd Light Park main entrance
SE 111th Avenue and Alder Street
Portland, OR 97216
Foley-Balmer Natural Area main entrance
9520 SW Lancaster Road
Portland, OR 97219
Forest Heights Park main entrance
2999 NW Miller Road
Portland, OR 97229
Foster Floodplain Natural Area main entrance
SE Foster Road between 104th and 111th Avenue
Portland, OR 97266
Community garden
Frazer Community Garden main entrance
NE 52nd Avenue and Pacific Street
Portland, OR 97213
Frazer Park main entrance
NE 52nd Avenue and Hassalo Street
Portland, OR 97213
Front and Curry Community Garden main entrance
20 SW Curry Street
Portland, OR 97201
Fulton Community Garden and Display Garden main entrance
SW 3rd Avenue and Miles Street
Portland, OR 97219
Fulton Park main entrance
68 SW Miles Street
Portland, OR 97219
Community and arts center
Fulton Park Community Center main entrance
68 SW Miles Street
Portland, OR 97219
Community garden
Furey Community Garden main entrance
11820 SE Reedway Street
Portland, OR 97266