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Fitness in the Park

Portland Parks & Recreation's Fitness in the Park helps community members achieve their fitness goals while adhering to physical distancing recommendations and connecting to nature in our parks. All fitness levels are welcome.
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Fitness in the Park is back for spring and summer 2021

We invite you to participate in group fitness classes taught by some of your favorite PP&R instructors. Classes will meet Monday through Saturday mornings at outdoor locations throughout Portland.

Drop-in for just $5/class (with pre-registered credit card only) or purchase a Fitness in the Park pass for $45/month, which gives you access to unlimited classes for 30-days at all locations.

Purchase 30-day pass

Schedule for June 21 - September 18

Irving Park

8:00amZumba for Beginners with TomStrength and Stretch with Wick (begins 6/29)The Ellove Technique with KellyStrength and Stretch with WickZumba with AimieDance Fitness with Sean R.
9:00am-Zumba with Tom-The Ellove Technique with KellyYoga with Anne M. Pound with Carissa
10:00amLow Impact Fitness with BrookeYoga with DustyZumba with TomYoga with DustyZumba for Beginners with TomZumba with Tom

Gabriel Park

8:00amStrong Nation with Lorena---Strong Nation with Lorena-
8:30am-Boxing with LindaBoxing with LindaBoxing with Linda--
9:30amLow Impact 20/20 with Brenda-Low Impact 20/20 with Brenda-Low Impact 20/20 with Brenda-
10:00am-Yoga with Amy-Yoga with Amy--
10:30amZumba with Kimo-Zumba with Kimo-Zumba with Kimo-
11:00am-QiGong with Sarah Jane-QiGong with Sarah Jane--
11:30amFundamental Yoga with Amy L.---Power Yoga with Amy L.-
12:00pm-Zumba with Jaimee-Zumba with Jaimee--

Columbia Park

8:00amZumba Gold with Wick (beginning 6/28)-Zumba Gold with Wick---
9:00amTai Chi with Catherine H.-Tai Chi with CatherineYoga with  KarenTai Chi with CatherineTotal Body with Charissa
10:00amZumba with Melanie K.Qi Gong with Terry L.Zumba for Families with WickQi Gong with Terry L.Zumba with Melanie Yoga with Karen
11:00amLow Impact with Judy G.The Ellove Technique with Kelly K.Low Impact with Judy G.The Ellove Technique with Kelly K.Low Impact with Judy G.Pound with Carissa H.

Jamison Square

9:00amYoga with ManuelaYoga with ManuelaGentle Yoga with Karen-Yoga with Karen-
10:00amTai Chi with Terry L. -Tai Chi with Terry L.-Tai Chi with  Terry L.-

Mt. Scott Park

8:00amHIIT with AngelaCircuit City with NicHIIT with NicCircuit City with NicHIIT with Angela-
10:00amKundalini Yoga with RebeccaKundalini Yoga with RebeccaHatha Yoga with JennaHatha Yoga with JennaExercise for Everybody with Jennifer P.Tai Chi with  Mary L.
11:00amCardio with  Larry-Cardio with  LarryHIIT with  AngelaCardio with Larry-

Ventura Park

8:00amCardio, Strength,  Stretch with Thais-Cardio, Strength,  Stretch with ThaisHIIT with AngelaCardio, Strength,  Stretch with ThaisZumba Gold with Lydia
9:00amPilates with  ThaisZumba with  LydiaPilates with ThaisZumba with  LydiaPilates with ThaisZumba for Families with Lydia
10:00amZumba with  Juliette-Zumba with Juliette-Low Impact 20/20 with ThaisStrength with Melinda
10:30am-Low Impact 20/20 with Thais-Low Impact 20/20 with Thais--
11:00amLow Impact 20/20 with Thais---HIIT with AngelaPop Pilates with Melinda
11:30am-Core and Stretching 20/20 with Thais-Core and Stretching 20/20 with  Thais--

Lincoln Park

8:00am-Cardio with Taylor-Cardio with Taylor-Cardio with Taylor
9:00am-Strength with Taylor-Strength with Taylor-Strength with Taylor
10:00am-Zumba with Sean-Zumba with Sean--

How to Sign up

Due to increased safety measures and to limit check-in time, please complete these steps before attending.

  1. Create or log in to your PP&R online registration account.
  2. Sign the digital COVID-19 waiver to participate.
    1. Go to “My Account”.
    2. Select “Print My Waivers”.
    3. Select “Obligatory Waivers”.
    4. Click on the link for the COVID-19 waiver.
    5. Check the box by the correct customer’s name to acknowledge the waiver.
  3. Ensure you have a credit or debit card saved to your account (customer service representatives will not be able to accept cash, so a credit card is required).
    1. Go to “My Account”.
    2. Click on “My Credit Cards”.
    3. Select “Add New”.
    4. Enter credit card information and then click on “Submit”.

Having trouble? Call 503-823-7529 and a customer service representative will assist you.

How to Participate Safely

What to expect

  1. If you’ve been feeling well, arrive at the park with your own water bottle.
  2. Check-in with a customer service representative who will have an iPad to sign you in. All participants are required to have signed a COVID-19 waiver before participating.
    Please note: Our system requires that customers provide the CVV number associated with their card on file at every transaction. No cash will be accepted.
  3. Head to a marked spot, which will be spaced six feet apart to allow for physical distancing throughout the duration of the workout. Classes will be limited to 20 participants.
  4. HAVE FUN!

Additional Safety Measures

Participants will all read, approve, and sign a waiver attached to their Portland Parks & Recreation registration account. PP&R will use electronic rosters from the daily check-in for contract tracing in case of illness.

Face coverings are no longer required outdoors for visitors at Portland Parks & Recreation facilities. Employees, vendors, and volunteers will continue to wear face coverings outdoors.

Class participation is limited to 20 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Participants will be required to stay within their marked section throughout the duration of the workout. Markers are spaced 6’ apart to allow for physical distancing.

Restrooms may not be available depending on location. Multnomah Arts Center does not have public restroom access at this time.

Participants should bring their own yoga mats or towels, as there are sometimes elements of nature around Fitness in the Park classes. In some cases, participants may want to double up on mats or towels, depending on their own comfort. 

Participants should bring filled water bottles, hand weights, and resistance bands if needed. 

Two people wearing face coverings are lying on mats in the grass and practicing a yoga pose by lifting their legs.

COVID-19 related information

Our community’s parks system provides our neighbors with many opportunities to improve their mental and physical health during this public health emergency. Fitness in the Park is a creative way to continue supporting Portlanders' health and keep you connected with PP&R while following the guidance of public health officials.

Learn more about closures and postponements related to the COVID-19 pandemic response.


Fitness in the Park information line

phone number503-505-0083

Call this number for urgent updates regarding the schedule, cancellations, and other information.

MaryAnn Thibeault

Southwest Community Center Supervisor


Park Location or Entrance
NE 7th Avenue and Fremont Street
Portland, OR 97212
Park Location or Entrance
SW 45th Avenue and Vermont Street
Portland, OR 97219
Park Location or Entrance
810 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
Park Location or Entrance
SE 72nd Avenue and Harold Street
Portland, OR 97206
Park Location or Entrance
SE 135th Avenue and Mill Street
Portland, OR 97233
Park Location or Entrance
460 SE 113th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216
Park Location or Entrance
N Lombard Street and Woolsey Avenue
Portland, OR 97203

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