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Raymond Park Splash Pad
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Basketball Court Improvements

The design drawing of the Raymond Park basketball court improvements

Portland Parks & Recreation, with support from Nike and the Portland Trail Blazers, has given the Raymond Park basketball court a brand new look. This work was completed in July 2022.

You can learn more about this exciting Portland Park & Recreation partnership with Nike and the Portland Trail Blazers on the Basketball Court Revitalization Project page. 


A Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node (pronounced beacon) is a place to go in Portland after a major earthquake to ask for emergency assistance if phone service is down, or report severe damage or injury. More BEECN information here.

Raymond Park Loo Project

Thanks to funding from the voter-approved Parks Replacement Bond, a Portland Loo (permanent restroom) was installed in August 2018 to replace the portable toilet at Raymond Park. The Loo was installed near the splash pad and playground.

Raymond Park is located at SE 118th Avenue and Raymond Street. This park offers a wide range of activities, including a playground, splash pad, basketball court, and hosts a free summer lunch and play program for neighborhood children.

Why install a Loo?

Portland Loos have already been installed in many Portland parks, including Waterfront Park, the South Park Blocks, the North Park Blocks, Khunamokwst Park, Wilkes Park, and Parklane Park. Made primarily of steel, they are a single-user restroom that is designed and manufactured in Portland to be safe, secure, and graffiti-resistant. Port-a-potties do temporarily fill the need for a public restroom, but they are frequently targets of vandalism in neighborhood parks.

While most of the downtown Loos are open 24/7, Loos in neighborhood parks such as Raymond Park can be locked and open only during park hours. When open for use, they are typically unlocked every morning by Parks maintenance staff, cleaned and stocked, and locked in the evenings.

Project Schedule

Winter 2016/17 - Spring 2017
Design and Public Involvement

Summer 2017 - Fall 2017
Construction Documents

Winter 2017/18 - Spring 2018
Permitting and Bidding

Summer 2018

Year acquired
Size in acres

In 2018, a Portland Loo was installed with funding from the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond.

Accessibility Notes


  • Street parking
  • Paved pathway to play area
  • 300 feet to play area

Play Area

  • Engineered mulch surface
  • Ramp into play area

Play Equipment

  • Transfer station

Park Location or Entrance

SE 118th Avenue and Raymond Street
Portland, OR 97266

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-10:00pm  

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Play Area
Accessible Restroom
Horseshoe Pit
Picnic Table
Paths (Paved)
Splash Pad
Basketball Court

Park policy

  • All dogs must be leashed in this park.

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