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At Portland Tennis Center (PTC), there are a variety of opportunities to learn the game of tennis, play, and compete at any age or ability level. Activities include adult and junior tennis classes, lessons, mixers, drills, cardio tennis, ball machine drills with pro, USTA, and City League team competitions. Additionally, we offer a full developmental pathway for juniors from September through May, and camps from June through August.

Inclement Weather Policy and Closures
PP&R classes, activities, rentals, and sports events may be canceled due to inclement weather, such as ice, snow, or extreme heat. Call 503-823-2533 or visit portland.gov/parks/closures for the most current information. Some recreation programs may run as conditions and staff availability allow. Safety is a major factor in determining operations at each PP&R facility. PP&R facilities, our social media outlets, and our website will all feature operating information including opening and closing times.

Book a Court

Portland Tennis Center features 12 lighted tennis courts (8 indoor and 4 outdoor). Reserve available courts three days in advance at 9:30am. 24 hours cancellation is required.

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Access Discount Program - Reduced Pricing

Thanks to the Parks Local Option Levy (Parks Levy) city of Portland residents can register for a free Access Discount to receive an ongoing discount of 25, 50, 75, or 90% based on financial need. The discount is valid for 12 months from the date of enrollment. No proof of income is required.

Learn more about the Access Discount Program

At Portland Tennis Center (PTC), you can use your Access Discount to reduce the price of the following:

  • PTC Month Pass
  • Mixers and Drills
  • Classes

Sign up for Tennis Activities

View and register for all tennis activities online

General Registration: Register online, over the phone through the Customer Service Center (503-823-2525), or by calling or visiting a recreation or arts center.  

  • Spring programs (April 1 - June 9, 2024) are currently open for enrollment. 
  • Summer programs open for enrollment on the following dates:
    • Thursday, May 16 at 9:30am. Session A & A/B (June 24 - July 28) 
    • Thursday, June 13 at 9:30am. Session B (July 29 - August 25) 
    • Thursday, July 25 at 9:30am. September Session (September 2 - September 29)

Tennis Classes
PTC offers tennis classes for people ages 4 and older, from beginning through advanced levels. These classes include a full developmental pathway for juniors from September through May, and camps from June through August.

Private Tennis Lessons
PTC offers private lessons based on tennis pro and court availability. Complete a PTC private lesson request form and email to pktennis@portlandoregon.gov

Doubles Mixers and Drills

Sign up for mixers and drills one week in advance beginning at 9:30am. (Example: Register at 9:30am on Thursday, January 19 for mixers and drills that take place on Thursday, January 26)

Doubles Mixers
Meet and connect with tennis players across all levels of play. Levels 2.0-2.5 do not need a rating. Levels 3.0 and higher must have a current USTA or PTC rating.

View and sign up for mixers online

Live ball and fast-paced fun offered with level-based format for drills, cardio tennis, and specialty drills. Due to high demand, you may only register for one drill per day.

View and sign up for drills online

PTC Month Pass 

With a PTC Month Pass, get a free 75-minute court reservation per day. Court reservations must be made three days in advance. Pass auto-renews monthly with a credit card on file. Purchase your PTC Month Pass online, over the phone, or the next time you're at Portland Tennis Center.

The fees listed reflect pricing for City of Portland residents. Non-residents are charged more to account for City of Portland taxes that support Portland Parks & Recreation.

  • Adult (age 18-59): $74
  • Adult Couple (same address): $110
  • Senior (age 60+): $60
  • Senior Couple (both age 60+): $90
  • Family (same address): $115
  • Junior (age 18 & younger): $53

Ball Machine Rentals 

Ball Machine Rental Available on courts 1-4.

  • There is a $5 rental fee that is to be paid at the front desk
  • Rentals available for 30–75 minutes. 

Weekly Court Schedule 

View our Weekly Court Schedule

Portland Tennis Center Rating Policy

Portland Tennis Center Rating Policy

The rating requirement for our classes is to ensure a safe playing environment with players of equal or similar ability. If a Professional Instructor feels that a player is not a good fit, they will let management know and we will contact the player. Our activities are offered at various levels, so the player will not miss out on the activity, they simply will be placed with similar skilled players. This is for the safety of the players and for the level of play for the classes.

Tennis Rating Definition and Purpose:

A rating is a measuring tool that indicates a person’s current playing ability, and it can be used to track progress as they develop their games. An accurate rating should give players access to level-based competition, ensuring a safe and positive experience for all players involved. Ratings are a great way to group players of similar ability together in round-robins, drills, compass draws for tournaments, and classes.

Ratings Systems used by PP&R:

1) A United States Tennis Association (USTA) rating is a numerical indicator of tennis-playing ability, from 1.5 (beginner) through 7.0 (touring pro).

2) Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography, or skill level are rated on a scale between 1 and 16.50 based on actual match results. UTR provides a real-time view of a player’s true skill level and enables you to find level-based play.

3) World Tennis Number (WTN) is similar to UTR; it provides a real-time skill level rating, finds evenly matched opponents, and tracks your tennis progress based on actual performance.

4) Portland Tennis Center (PTC) Pro Rating- PTC offers rating sessions with our certified Professional Tennis Instructors who are qualified to provide a real-time rating level.

The PTC Management team uses all of the rating systems, USTA, UTR/WTN, and PTC Pro Rating, and takes them into consideration for all players registering for our activities. If there are any questions, we are happy to provide another PTC Pro Rating Session to get a current skill level.

In order to register for an activity, a player must meet the minimum rating qualified for the class. Patrons who feel their rating is incorrect or inaccurate are welcome to discuss it with our management team.

PTC ratings may be updated every six months. Appealed USTA ratings will be added to the rest of the rating information for that player and a final determination will be made by our Professional Instructors and Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a court on ActiveNet?
Click this link to access the login page. Once you have logged in to your account, you can view courts 1-8 (indoor) and the outdoor courts. Select the court and timeframe, push reserve court, and follow the prompts to complete your transaction. We recommend you bookmark the link for quick access https://activenet.portal.

How long can I book a court for? 
75 minutes. For 30 or 60-minute bookings, call 503-823-3190 for availability. 

How many courts can I book per day?

Can my friend or partner book the court and I play again?
No. Each tennis player is allowed to appear on one reservation and court per day.

What options do I have to play more than once a day? 
Check with the front desk or call ahead at 503-823-3190. This is a day-of option only that applies to mixers, drills, and court reservations. If someone cancels and a court or space is available, you must get confirmation to use or join from PTC staff first. This day-of option will not count toward your daily use of the courts.

Can I register for programs and courts by phone?
Yes. The front desk opens at 6:45am. Call 503-823-3190.

Will I receive a confirmation once I book a court?
Yes. Once payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation that lists your court number, court time, and payment made. We recommend you retain a copy for your records.

How can I check my court reservation and classes in my ActiveNet account? 
When you book a court or register for a mixer or drill, you can view these by clicking My Account, and then View Family Members Schedule. In View Family Members Schedule, find your assigned court at the bottom of the reservation. All your bookings and activities will appear for the week.

How do I register for mixers and drills?
We recommend bookmarking the ActiveNet activities page. Once you’re logged in, you can find your mixer or drill by using the keyword or class number search. Effective January 17, you can book one drill session daily. If you have difficulty finding your mixer or drill, you can call the Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525.

Why can I only book one drill session per day?
Our drill sessions were created to improve the skills and abilities of all our players by receiving hands-on instruction from our pros. With a limited number of available sessions, waitlists are long. This new policy, booking one drill session per day, allows for more equity to receive instruction.   

What happens if I book back-to-back drill sessions?
We review all registrations for drill sessions. Anyone who books back-to-back sessions will be notified and one of the sessions will be canceled. If someone continues to book multiple drill sessions per day, forfeit of booking privileges may result.

What do I need to do when I arrive to play?
Please check in at the front desk before going to your assigned court. If you are playing with others, those players must pay BEFORE playing; this includes those playing on outside courts.

What do I (PTC tennis player) need to do if I don’t have an account?
Create an ActiveNet account either in-person at PTC, via phone by calling 503-823-3190, or create an account online. A helpful tutorial is also available on this page.

What if I have an account, but I forgot my password?
If you have forgotten your password, click here to reset it. Do not create a new account if you are locked out or have forgotten your password. Please call PTC at 503-823-3190 or the Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525 for additional help.

How do I change or update my account information? 
Please call PTC at 503-823-3190 or the Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525 for additional help.

How do I cancel my court reservation? 
You can cancel your reservation by calling PTC at 503-823-3190. Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance.

What happens if I forget to cancel my court reservation? 
If you forget to cancel your reservation and do not show up, you will be charged the full court cost without a refund plus an additional $5 fee. If you cancel within less than 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the reservation fee. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your scheduled reservation, a full refund will be given.

Can I reserve a court for pickleball?
No. Pickleball can only be played during our summer mixer facilitated by staff.  View pickleball activities.

Year acquired
Size in acres
Outdoor tennis courts at Portland Tennis Center with pickleball lines

Park Location or Entrance

324 NE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

Open hours

Monday - Friday, 6:45am-9:45pm
Saturday - Sunday, 6:45am-8:30pm

Building Closures and Special Hours:  
July 15–19–CLOSED (Annual Maintenance)
August 3–4–Coaches Workshop (limited court space)
August 30–September 1–CLOSED Girls level 5 tournament 


Portland Tennis Center

Monika Kowalewski

Portland Tennis Center Supervisor

Park amenities/activities

Picnic Table
Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)
Paths (Paved)
Tennis Court (Indoor)

Park policy

  • All dogs must be leashed in this park.


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