Portland Park Rangers

PP&R's Park Rangers serve as goodwill ambassadors and provide a positive public safety presence in Portland parks and park facilities. Park Rangers can be a resource to help solve park problems and ensure the protection of our natural and cultural resources.

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About the Portland Park Rangers Program

PP&R's Park Rangers serve multiple roles by providing park visitors with resources and information, helping solve park user conflicts, and enforcing City Code. Park Rangers help ensure visitors have a positive experience and that our cultural and natural resources are protected. 

Portland Park Rangers are not law enforcement, but do have authority under City Code to issue park exclusions or citations. In most instances, Park Rangers are trained to educate park users on the impact a prohibited activity may have on others and the natural environment, and provide options for compliance.

When necessary, our team works closely with partners to solve complex problems in our parks. We work with the Joint Office of Homeless Services, Portland Street Medicine, JOIN, Multnomah County Animal Control, Multnomah County River Patrol, neighborhood groups, Portland Police Bureau, Office of Civic Life, and others in creating safer parks.

Getting the right help in Parks

If people or property are in immediate danger, call 911.

Park Ranger with back to camera and a jacket with the word Ranger on it

General park problems

  • For park code violations (like dogs off leash, drinking or drugs, misuse of park property, permit problems, or general disturbances), call Park Rangers at 503-823-1637, or e-mail us.
  • For dog attacks, call Multnomah County Animal Control at 503-248-3790.


  • To report camping in parks, please use the One-Point Of Contact  We work closely with One-Point to coordinate Park Ranger responses to camping.

Park maintenance issues

  • Use ParkScan  to report maintenance problems in parks.

Public Safety in Parks

Overall, Portland parks are very safe. Serious crimes against persons are relatively rare. Nuisance behavior, park user conflicts, and other livability issues are most common, and Park Ranger can help resolve these issues along with our partners.