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Pier Park Disc Golf
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Pier Park splash pad and nearby restroom temporarily closed for repairs as of July 24, 2023

Our crews are working hard to complete the repairs and reopen the amenities. 

Skatepark Stats

Size: 11,000 sq ft (3,700 sq ft of street course and 7,300 sq ft of transition) - Transition: 20-ft diameter full-pipe with a mouse hole in the side. Connects an 11½-ft-deep bowl with a 9½- ft-deep bowl. Has additional 6-ft and 3½-ft-deep bowls. - Street Course: granite hubbas, 7-stair, handrails, ledges, and banks. - Entrance: 10-ft-wide, 200-ft-long curvilinear skateable entry with ledges and banks. Entitled Walkwave by artist Adam Kuby.

Pier Park Loo Project

Thanks to funding from the Parks Replacement Bond, a new Portland Loo was installed to replace Restroom A (also known as the "Tin Shed") at Pier Park. Pier Park is located at N Bruce Avenue and Lombard Street. The project also included a new drinking fountain and new ADA accessible pathways to improve access to the Loo and informational kiosks. 

Why install a Loo?

Portland Loos have been installed in many Portland parks, including Waterfront Park, the North and South Park Blocks, Gateway Discovery Park,  Parklane Park, Raymond Park, and Wilkes Park. Made primarily of steel, they are a single-user restroom that is designed and manufactured in Portland to be safe, secure, and graffiti-resistant. Port-a-potties do temporarily fill the need for a public restroom, but they are frequently targets of vandalism in neighborhood parks.

While most of the downtown Loos are open 24/7, Loos in neighborhood parks such as Pier Park can be locked and open only during park hours. When open for use, they are typically unlocked every morning by Parks maintenance staff, cleaned and stocked, and locked in the evenings.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2017/18 - Summer 2018:  Design
  • Summer 2018 - Fall 2018:  Permitting
  • Fall 2018 - Winter 2018/19: Bidding
  • January 24, 2019 - Summer 2019: Construction
Year acquired
Size in acres

The park was named for Stanhope S. Pier, who served as a Portland city commissioner in the late 1920s and as acting mayor in 1931. In 1930, Commissioner Pier proposed several improvements, including a pool in Albina, the expansion of Mt Scott and Lents Parks, and the development of Pier Park in the style of Laurelhurst, then considered the most beautiful park in the city.

Accessibility Notes


  • Street parking
  • Paved pathway with a moderate slope
  • 800 feet to play area

Play Area

  • Ramp into the play area
  • Engineered mulch
  • Rubberized surface for spinning buckets

Play Equipment

  • Sensory play elements
  • Rope climbing structure

Other Amenities

  • Accessible restroom
  • Accessible picnic tables
  • Accessible splash pad
Pier Pool Open Swim

Park Location or Entrance

N Lombard Street and Bruce Avenue
Portland, OR 97203

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-midnight

To reserve a sports field or picnic area, call 503-823-2525. Picnic Sites and Info

Past construction

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Picnic Area
Accessible Play Area
Accessible Restroom
Disc Golf
Picnic Shelter
Picnic Table
Skate Park
Paths (Paved)
Paths (Unpaved)
Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Softball Field
Splash Pad
Basketball Court
Pickleball Court

Park policy

  • All dogs must be leashed in this park.



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