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Parks System Development Charges (SDC)

The Fields Park on a sunny Portland day with the Fremont Bridge in the distance.
System Development Charges (SDC) are one-time fees assessed on new development. SDC's help ensure that Portland's quality of life keeps pace with our growing and changing city by providing additional parks and recreation facilities needed to accommodate growth.
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SDC Fee Schedule

Fiscal Year 2024/2025 SDC Fee Schedule

SDC Frequently Asked Questions

SDC Program Summary

System Development Charges for Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas

When a new home or commercial development is built in Portland, we need to expand the park system to meet the needs of a growing population. Collecting SDCs from development helps to pay for that park system growth.

SDCs must be used for capital projects that expand the capacity of the park system, like acquiring new land, developing new parks or facilities, or expanding existing parks or facilities.

The Parks SDC program has two ‘Sub-Areas’, Central City and Non-Central City. A portion of the fees collected in each sub-area needs to stay in that sub-area to provide more local park experiences (like typical neighborhood parks), and a portion can be spent on park experiences that serve a more citywide function (like regional trails, natural areas, etc.)

The following charts and map are summaries of SDC program revenues and expenditures from fiscal year 1998-1999 through 2022-2023.

SDC Revenue_FY1999-2023
SDC Revenue_by Sub-Area through FY23

Project Expenditures

This summary of capital expenditures from the SDC fund shows actual expenditures by fiscal year, and does not include dollars that have been allocated to projects, but not yet spent.   

This summary does not include other funding streams like the 2014 Park Replacement Bond, major maintenance, and other partnerships/donations. It is through a combination of these funding mechanisms (and with their individual constraints) that we maintain and grow the park system.

Review Park SDC expenditures for fiscal years 1999-2022. Items are sortable by SDC category, Total expenditures, Neighborhood location, SDC sub-area, and individual property and/or facility.

Neighborhood Coalition; Each project has been assigned to one coalition area. However, there are some projects (like regional trails) that span more than one coalition area, and coalition area boundaries are disputed in some instances.

This Tableau chart shows Parks Sustainable Development Charges, also called SDCs, from FY 1999 to FY 2022.
SDC Expenditures FY 1999 - 2022

Parks SDC Fee Index Adjustment

The Parks SDC fee is indexed annually, with updated fees taking effect on July 1. In June 2023, Portland City Council waived the application of City Code section 17.13.040.D. until June 30, 2024, so SDC fees for Fiscal Year 2023-24 will remain the same as they were in Fiscal Year 2022-23. The fee update methodology is specified in the Parks SDC Code

Update to residential addition SDCs

Beginning July 1, 2018, Portland Parks & Recreation and the Portland Bureau of Transportation will assess development fees for additions to residential units by the amount of square footage in each structure.

Update to residential addition SDCs (pdf)

SDC Online Fee Estimator 

Use this Bureau of Development Services Online Fee Estimator to calculate your SDC fees.

Parks SDC Methodology Update 

Adopted by City Council on May 27, 2015. Methodology changes took effect on July 1, 2016. Learn more about Parks SDC Methodology Update, SDC Taskforce, and Meeting Notes.

Parks SDC 20-Year Capital Plan (Summary)

As required by ORS 223.309 Portland Parks & Recreation maintains a list of capacity-increasing projects intended to address the need created by growth. These projects are eligible to be funded with Park SDC revenue.

SDC Resources and Links

City Code 17.13

Park System Development Charges (SDC) - Highlighted Investments

City of Portland SDC Fees

SDC Credit Requests Received 

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