Parks Replacement Bond

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Parks Replacement Bond funds are for urgent repairs and other capital costs, not park operations. The measure authorized up to $68 million in general obligation bonds to make repairs and improvements and prevent closures.
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Bond Audits and Transparency Survey

The bond language approved by voters ensured that there would be at least two audits over the lifetime of the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond. The first audit was completed by an outside firm at the midway point of the Bond in 2019. Another audit will be completed at the end of the Bond.  

The key finding from this audit were:

  • Bond Program funds were being spent in a manner that adheres to the language of the measure approved by the voters
  • The Bond program was operating in a fiscally responsible manner, including maintaining fiscal accountability as a core driver, ensuring Bond dollars are clearly and separately track, and ensuring integrity and accuracy of financial statements.  

Learn more about the 2019 audit findings:  

The Bond Oversight Committee recommended that PP&R Bond staff look into whether efforts to be transparent with the community were effective. They also wanted PP&R to gauge if the public feels the Bond program has been open and transparent. Based on this recommendation, PP&R published an online survey as part of the Bond's Year 3 Annual Report. 

Some highlights from the survey:

  • Only 10% of responses rated the Bond's transparency as poor/very poor.  
  • More than 75% had heard about the Bond and/or its projects, generally through signage at a park or community center or through an email. 
  • A majority of participants knew the Bond was focused on maintenance and repair. 

Read the full Communications and Transparency Survey Report

Bond Oversight Committee

When voters supported the Parks Replacement Bond, they also approved forming a committee of community members to oversee how their dollars are spent. The Bond Oversight Committee's role has been to review and provide feedback on program progress; including financial metrics and other assurances contained in voter information. The Committee has reported annually to City Council and our community regarding performance and progress toward goals.

The Oversight Committee is composed of four community members appointed to three-year terms by the Portland City Council; members may be re-appointed. Members are to be people with experience in community engagement, equity, finance, public works, auditing, business, construction, public contracting and/or budgeting.

Karl Cheng
Karen Loper Tracy
David Staczek
Brianna Westenskow

Bond Oversight Committee Annual Report

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Maija Spencer (she, they)

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

Robin Laughlin

Capital Projects Manager (2014 Parks Bond Program)