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The Overlook House was built in 1928 by Herman C. and Elvira S. Raven. They owned the Raven Creamery; their milk, cream, and butter were a staple in many Portland homes of the period. The Ravens were civic-minded and encouraged the use of their home by neighborhood groups, most notably the Overlook Women’s Club. In 1951, after the death of her husband, Elvira Raven donated her home and its beautiful grounds to the City of Portland to provide a community center to her beloved Overlook neighborhood. Since 2003, stewardship of the Overlook House has been provided by the volunteers of Friends of the Overlook House through a special agreement with the city.

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Overlook House main entrance
3839 N Melrose Drive
Portland, OR 97227

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For rental info on Overlook House, visit the website at www.historicoverlookhouse.org

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